Welcome! This blog exists since 2009 and I realized there are so many articles that have been written in a really teenager style hahaha but deleting them is no option because some of them reached good SEO and it is simply way too sad to do it.

Oh anyway, my name is Olga Florentyna-Schneider. Despite of my name, I am Indonesian. I finished my MBA program in Germany and I apparently will live here for a long, long, long time. If you wonder where the “Schneider” comes from, just click through my pages – you’ll find it easily I think 😉

So I try to re-arrange this blog because I experience a lot of nice, bad, surreal things in my home away from home. This is also more or less the time for me to re-launched this website. I will start writing more soon! Mean while, just check my Instagram profile because I update it quite often.

Bye for now!



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