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Frau Ministerin

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Manuela Schwesig

I couldn’t get this out from my mind, so I think this is the time to write it out. I know her as I watched Anne Will – a discussion show in one of german TV channel, and since then I admire her presence. Her name is Manuela Schwesig and she works as Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend – minister of family, seniors, women and youth in Germany. I googled her and found a wikipedia page about her. Despite her good looking (ny first impression!), having family with two kids and still working her way up as minister and I thought “wow she’s cool”.

So at this debate, there’s a woman complaining  that she won’t get enough pension in her retirement after worked as window cleaner in buildings for more than 20 years. Simple jobs get a brutto hourly wage from 8.5€ in Germany. Mrs. Schwesig answered (more or less) “The 8.5€ jobs are not actually for-forever jobs”. It was like “Dang!” Moment. I am fully agreed to her. The points are:

1. Simple jobs are totally ok, but not for forever until she reached retirement.

2. If she is not satisfied for the results she achieved as window cleaner, why she did not do something better for herself at first place?

3. I mean come on. Germany is the country of chances. She doesn’t need a rich family to finance her education even until doctoral degree. My point is – she always having the chance to make her qualification higher to get better job and to get higher earnings (not like in Indonesia and I could always understand why the children of Tukang Becak would most probably be Tukang Becak again). Semester fee costs only ca 250€ and as a German, she has access to Bafög (a state credit to finance education and she needs only to pay the half of the credit after she finished with her education)

4. While at the first, she could be window cleaner and a student – 15 years ago

I am foreigner, I don’t have access to Bafög and I did babysitter while I’m studying. All things were only the question of willingness. I am trying so hard to not judge but everytime I saw same people ask me for Kleingeld in Germany’s train stations, I cringe. Always. This is also one of the reasons why the world would be never an ideal place as I thought while I studied humanities.

Quoting Kobe Bryant: “I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you

My arguments are not completed yet because I still need to do history and reality checks – I’ll do once my home works done!

Summer 2016 in Germany #1

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I should have done with writing my summer travel in Paris but na ja, was solls. I am giving my love to Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW) – the region where I live, in Bonn. As a student, I do not have bunch of money to enjoy  the summer in Italy or laying on white sandy, beach in Monaco. Being so, I am just staying here, enjoying the nature around my region by using my semester ticket; where I have possibility to travel without paying costly train tickets around NRW. I love to travel because I am always eager to discover new places, to feel the excitements, to be neugierig (curious) – gierig (being greedy) of something new.

I ride bicycle since my junior high – time and I stop riding it as I’m getting older. Now I’m having the chance to get back to it, I always love riding my bike whenever it’s good weather outside. This week, I have an accompany named Tika so that we could take beautiful pictures on each other. She is quite my travel partner since last year (We went to Münster together!) because everybody is being so busy duh and she lives in Bonn, has semester ticket and she also loves to discover new places just like me! So, we drive to Euskirchen and ride our bikes to Brühl following the Erft-Radweg – Erft bike route along Erft river.  We’ve tried to find the Radweg from Euskirchen but we got lost there, stuck in the city center and ended up shopping :p


First #selfie in Euskirchen before we get Sonnenbrand (sunburn)

Long story short, we finally made it to the Erft-Radweg! Tika had some footages to be published on her YouTube Vlog (you could follow her channel here!). I personally didn’t take thousands of pictures but I have some to bragged about show.


Somewhere along the track.

2016-07-29 14.39.46

Could you see the sign? It’s really helpful!

2016-07-29 14.38.07

Oh that’s me; again – savoring my home-made sandwich in summer vibes x)

You don’t need to be afraid on getting lost here since the bicycle-route signs are everywhere in Germany (well, at least arond my region). What I found really helpful is, you could download the bicycle routes and maps in NRW where you could plan and search your own arrival city, destination and even you could search a route to avoid climbs. It’s called NRW Radplanner – you could find more details here. We ride our bikes through Erftstad where we crossed some beautiful lakes, sceneries and we’re having lunch – eating our discounted, sushi from supermarket with priceless view.


Sushi on discount, ah nope. We’re just being humble :p

Tika enjoys glimpse of life

Tika caught a glimpse of life

All the way we could not stop telling each other on how grateful we are being because we live in Germany. Riding our bikes are not possible in Jakarta, Indonesia without traveled a looong, expensive way across some islands to have chance to adore the nature. Indonesia doesn’t have a well-established, easy bike routes like in Germany anyway (please tell me if you know some!). In comparison, we spent only 2,65€ each on our tour here. Se just need to spend for cheap sushi and iced-coffee. After five hours biking and getting super tanned skin in the end, we finally arrived in Brühl! We visited the Schloß Augustusburg park that looks simply magnificent in summer.


And that’s the end of our more-than-35km-bike journey. After we saw a lot of people trying to catch Pokemon the park and explored Brühl city center, we went to the main station and catch our train back to Bonn. We had sore muscles and exhausted in the next day but we’re so happy that we’re able to did this. We agreed to repeat it and of course we’ll try new routes as well, before summer is over and before we lose our chance of ‘free-travel’ since we suppose to be finished with our degrees in next summer (I have mixed feelings on it :S)

How about you? Do you have any cheap yet luxury plan like mine for your summertime? I’d love to hear yours!


So Tika has uploaded her new vlog about this trip! Check out her video here!





Life after Indonesia

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The Sacred Ticket

Today is exactly two year I live in Germany! I could not believe that myself! lebay But seriously I could not believe myself that for only two years, I have changed into other human being. I still remember how I asked my ex boss to go one hour earlier from the office twice in a week to have A1 german course in Goethe Institut Jakarta (yeah he let me to took the course!), fought so hard in the whole year before I left; I am talking about to take two jobs in a same time, hard core money savings (as simple as giving up Air Conditioner facility for my kost-apartment in the centre of Jakarta so that I could pay my german course), late night sleeps, TOEFL preparation and almost no time for my family since I was also working on side projects during the weekends in order to have enough start capital to finance my master study. All the struggles are worth.

I finally arrived at 8 March 2014 where my familiy got panic attack, as they thought my flight was the missing malaysia airlines. But no, I’ve arrived safe and sound in Germany otherwise I could not make this post yaelah. The first month I was struggling with 0 degree – weather and frustrating on german language. Not to mentioned that I did not really mentally prepared on the transformation from employee to full time student again (I did not expect that it was super hard!), no more great feeling comes to you every end of the month when you check your bank account and what’s left only the numbers are decreasing since you’re just relying on your savings. At that moment, I could not working yet because  language course student does not have working permit in Germany.

The time went by, I received confirmation that I got accepted in an MBA program. I enjoyed my time a lot being a student and three months after big effort of looking part time job (It is no secret that to get a job here takes more time than people expected) and I was ready to gave up, thinking about those job offers from Indonesia I got from LinkedIn, I got a student job in Cologne. That time of my life had begun; buku, pesta, cinta came again to me in different forms compares to my time in bachelor degree. I embrace the diversities offered in front of me and started to made some friends here. I really enjoyed my time in Germany :))

Suddenly an unpredicted opportunity came to me. I got a chance to have an internship in  the headquarter of a DAX company. I never imagined that I actually could ‘conquered’ german labor market, to be able to compete with millions of qualified people around the world and who am I just sempritan ingus :)). Although the ending is not as sweet as the beginning. I could not even start because of permit issue. I was just focusing on my master thesis and keep fighting to have other opportunity here and you know what, I made it again! I am staying here and will working together with inspiring people, man I have marvelous excitements I’ll make my “xD” giggle ever on my Snapchat xD xD xD toi toi toi this is the sweetest 25th birthday gift which universe gave to me in advance!

That’s my short story of being in Germany in two years. I never imagined that ich so vielen Sachen geschafft habe, so many things, so many valuable life experiences that I could attained for just two years (man I speak german more fluent than russian even though I learned for four years in my bachelor degree duh), that transition from Jakarta city girl to I-need-to-do-the-cores, keeping my apartment clean and being really good in the kitchen (you guys really need to check my Instagram lol). One of the best decision that I made in my life.

I encourage you to keep pursuing your further study abroad if you already have plan to do it. I honestly thought that studying abroad was just a dream for my in five years ago but it does come true if you put Plan Do Check Act cycle to your actions and keep going. On my journey many people said – even your closest ones – “it’s impossible” to me; it’s impossible for them, not for you. Anything is possible if you’re hungry enough – I quoted it from Instagram. I have too many favorite quotes, one of my fave is:

Life is not as hard as some make it. It’s only hard when you bullshit yourself. You don’t need all the answers. You just need a great fucking attitude about what you want and deserve. If you don’t feel you deserve it, then do the work until you do.

My entire journey to be a CEO and prominent investor and venture capitalist and owner of Florentyna Foundation yeass! is still long way to go. I would not write and publish every single detail in my life but anyway, you can always follow me on my Instagram.

Meanwhile, enjoy Rihanna tells you to Work Work Work. Sei fleißig!

Rendezvous of Dejavu

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There’s a woman sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop alone. She looks a bit sophisticated and superficial wearing her 10cms black pumps and pencil skirt. She looks busy with her tablet and sometimes she is checking her iPhone too while sipping her big cup of capucinno. There’s a big shopping bag near her from one of her favorite brand, for what I know, she finally got her real long coat that she had been wanted since college. Haha like she really has any idea where to wear such coat in Jakarta.

She smiles alone remembering her last time she sips that capucinno two years ago for filled long questionnaires as the price. With real ‘struggles’ she went to some coffee shops after classes she had in university and had been trapped in traffic jam for hours sitting in hot-steamy Kopaja for a few added pocket money and somehow she still couldn’t believe that she becomes her ideal image four years ago in the time for her life. Although her life is not yet that perfect (think no one has one!) And she still has billions of wishes thathave not been granted yet


ahead , she feels grateful for the moments given and actually she is ready to catch another bigger dream🙂

Beauty on A Budget*; Olga’s Pick

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Inspired from Instagram (where people only posted fabulous and expensive things, some of them are cosmetics) and this blog, I want to show you Randomers, that mustn’t be expensive to be coquettish (Google translated from “centil”; I have no idea what’s the appropriate English slang for it, because cosmetics aren’t used to cover your ugly-ness. Every girl on earth is pretty!)
I guessed this is my first post which has too much efforts to make; I edited the pictures and it take one hour itself haha but it doesn’t matter since I think I wont post such thing again; I’m a random girl not a beauty blogger and I’m already put all of my beauty assets here. I use make-ups daily since I’m graduated and entered the working-world (like now). So anyhow, I will show you what I use daily. Geez I don’t feel like me when I’m writing about this -____-“

The Beauty Assets

The Beauty Assets

I want to start with the face powder I use; PAC Two Way Cake 03 Caramel. I use this daily. Apply it with brush after I used moisturizer and it covers my face-skin with good-enough result. I don’t have foundation; I don’t wanna spend so much to the thing I use rarely so for special occasion, I use it with wet-puff for substitute of foundation and cover it again with powder brush. It costs me less than Rp 150K. You can buy it here. I have I love… cosmetic. Got the blueberry lip balm when I was in Germany, still not done until now.
I also own this Armando Caruso Set Brush; not for professional use. I am already happy that I could apply my eyeshadow and blush-on properly with this Set Brush. Cost? Less than Rp 100K!

Armando Caruso Brush Set

Armando Caruso Brush Set

Next, The Lipsticks. I own four Lipsticks.

The Lipsticks

The Lipsticks

1. Maybelline Pink Lipstick: Not so recommended. Cost? Less than Rp 50K. Buy it here
2. Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 Duo Lip Function Bena: Love the color from the first! Looks so natural on my lips. It has the Lipgloss under. Cost? Rp 55,7K. You can get it here.
3. Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 Lipstick Bena: It was a mistake that I bought this Lipstick because I thought the color would be as same as the Duo one (I bought it online) but however, it’s not so bad. It has glossy effect. At least I own a very-pink Lipstick to wear on special occasion. Cost? Rp 33.6K. Get it here.
4. Wardah Matte Lipstick No. 14: BEST BUY! Just jumped to Drugstore, try this and it has wonderful result and long lasting! Googled for the reviews, most of them are positive. Cost? Less than Rp 30K!

Next, I will show you the Eyeshadows. At the first, I supposed to not own this-much but I tempted to buy more by the times and since I work on this fashion-online company, I managed to buy more duh so here are them.


The Eyeshadows

1. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Comfort Zone: Tempted to buy because finally this brand comes to Indonesia! I know this brand when I saw it in Germany last two years.  Good for daily use with such colors and if you want to look more glam, just apply all of them. I actually don’t really know exactly how to put all of these lol. The colors are good for experiment. Price? Rp 149K. You can only get it here
2. Sariayu Trend Rimba Sumatra: Just another Eyeshadows. Most of Sariayu’s cosmetics are good; I like the eyeshadows because the colors showed up on my eyelids perfectly. Cost? I guessed less than Rp 50K.
3. Wardah Eyeshadow: Not recommended at all. Too powdery and the colors don’t really showed up. Cost? Less than Rp 40K.

Now I feel tired already hah! But gotta finished this before I am too lazy don’t have enough time to continue the writes. So, here we go with another part of the eyes!

Another Eyes Kit!

Another Eyes Kit!

1. Oriflame Copper Cream Eyeshadow: The only good thing I got from Oriflame. Lasting-used. Cost? Less than 100K.
2. Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara: The best Mascara on A Budget I guessed. In my opinion, all variants of Maybelline Mascara have same result (I’ve tried my friends’ also) so, it’s no used to buy the more-expensive variants, eh? :p Cost? Around Rp 60K and you can get it here.
3. Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit Ash Brown: Best thing on my eyebrows! I was using Eyebrow pencil only and I found this and I’m happy lol! Worth to buy kit; good result and the cheapest on its class, at the first I want to buy The Body Shop’s but I think it’s a bit over-priced. The brush itself is comfortable to use so you mustn’t buy another brush anymore. Cost? Rp 89K. Get it here.
4. Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara: I want to try another Mascara besides Maybelline but still on a budget :p So I decided to buy this one after read some good reviews. It’s available in ZALORA Indonesia in package. I buy via this.
5. Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo: Looks good after you applied this after Eyeshadows but will looks horrible after you wash your face, it’s not waterproof. Cost? Around Rp 80K.
6. NYX White Eyebrow Pencil: Bought this in Germany and never really use it. I use it for eyeliner to make my eyes look more dramatic (but whether I don’t know how to use or what, my eyes look smaller :p) Cost? 6 Euro. You can get it on nearest department store in Indonesia.
7. Etude Eyebrow Pencil: Just so so. My sister bought it so I don’t really know how much it costs.
8. Pixy Black Eyeliner Pencil: The best black eyeliner on a budget. Where to buy? Nearest Cosmetic Shop in Traditional Market. Cost me around Rp 20K!

Finally, THE LAST! The make-up palette, blush on, and shimmer!



1. Sariayu Beauty Kit Trend 2010: You can see by yourself; it has all from face powder, blush on, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. Most of the time I only use the blush-on while still trying to experiment with the eyeshadows. Cost? Rp 120.8K. Buy it here. Sariayu make-up products never fail me for the budget cosmetics!
2. Wardah Blush On: Just another blush-on. I only wear brownish colors. Good enough since it costs only around Rp 30K. You can get it in nearest Guardian.
3. Wet n Wild Mega Shimmer: Never really use this except I want to have another bellydance show lol. Bought it in Germany, cost around 5-6 Euro.

Finally I am done muhahah! I spend my two hours only for this. Why I wrote? Because fashion magazines only highlights branded and expensive make-ups which I cannot afford yet so I can’t own and use, right? :p. So, for you Randomers, who are first-jobbers and need daily make-ups I could suggested mine. Happy experimenting!🙂

Olga “Telat Centil” Florentyna

Tips for HRD Professionals who Looking for Social Media Marketing Professionals in Jakarta, Indonesia

This writing it’s quite subjective as this is one of results I have after some chit-chat with two friends of mine who also working in a same field with me, Social Media. Everybody could has a same or different view, the choice is up to you! As the title is that long so that makes it clear enough.

We was talking about social media things and and shared our experiences how the hijacks-level for Social Media Marketing professionals is so high, especially in Jakarta, Indonesia. Social Media Professionals-world is that tiny so it has a big chance that people-to-people are actually knowing each other. We have our own experiences how some companies and HRD’s tracked us and offered us to work in their places. Not talking about not loyal, but as other people with any profession, we are just looking for some opportunities as well as new networking. Perhaps, I will just make some points.

First, the HRD should really decided in which level they need Social Media person; officer, specialist, strategist, manager, or head of social media. Me and my friends found some offers are not compatible with us which actually already stood on medium level. Logically, there is not possible to be officer while some of us are already being a coordinator, specialist or manager.

Second, please HRD, realized how much actually your company’s budget to hired The Social Media Professionals and made it up a line with the level of person you needed. Would be silly if you want a top qualified Social Media Professional-person in medium to high level to be hired in your place but you make a reason to make their level downgraded because you don’t have budget to followed with their salary-expectation. I have my own experience and some of friends’ experiences that they have been offered by a company with complicated process, third times interview and we followed it to just knowing opportunities and ended up by disappointment because the company clearly cannot fulfilled our expectation since it makes our position and our salary downgraded. Its not that “disappointment”, but its more like “damn! I’ve already wasted my time and my money to went to that company’s interview just to be bullied!”. Remember, the world of Social Media Professionals is that tiny and its absolutely unfavorable to your company to got a bad name in this field because people would tend to say “no” to your offers which makes your company bumped in to trouble to found great candidates.

Third, this must sound a lil bit egoistic but me and my Social Media Professionals mates are agreed that we cant be judged for how many years we are actually we worked in Social Media field to found that we are “senior enough”. Some of my mates had been dwell  with their ex-bosses that frankly don’t know about any single thing in Social Media. They don’t know about basic social media rules and they’re tend to know and applied things they think right and in the end, a friend needed to ‘clean the things up’ for it’s clients because what applied by their bosses are wrong. Other silly thing a company said would be “yeah, we have our own standard to hired a Social Media head/or manager based in how many years they have been worked in this field” and I am thinking the company expected us as senior as Mark Zuckerberg lol. Perhaps, they haven’t heard about “Friendster” and I am thinking the person in senior as their age lol level may do not know while I am already familiar with it since I was in Junior High (on 2002).

I guessed that’s all. I am thinking it’s a way too explicit to publish such writing but in the end I just want to ‘curhat’🙂

See you on my next post, Randomers😉