1. “Why do you have this ‘Olga’ name? Is that uncommon for Indonesian girl?”

If I am too lazy to answer and explain  usually I will just answer, “Please asked my mom” haha. The fact why my mom named me ‘Olga Florentyna’ because she was just being random and no surprised that I become this random until now.  When she got me in her tummy (it was in 90’s era), ‘Olga Sepatu Roda’ was popular; it was a soap-opera about a girl who goes anywhere with roller blade and always being cheerful, active and kindhearted. ‘Florentyna’ comes from a girl’s name in Mexican telenovela whom my mom  loved her character; she is beautiful and good-hearted. So that’s it, I become an Olga (Florentyna) a tanned girl from Indonesia.

And it is not common to have a family name in Indonesia. I got a lot of questions regarding this as I live in Germany. And it is also common for Indonesian to use random, self-made names for their babies.

2. “Why did you choose Russian Studies as your major study in university?”

Mostly I answered “Ask God, He puts me there!” lol. So, when I was in high-school I have a big interest into finance since my parents especially my dad brings the favor how finance-knowledge could brings you in tons of money and I was that innocent in that time so I agreed. I was having a test in private expensive business school but I don’t get accepted and my family was thankful because they couldn’t probably afford the semester fee (it was around 900€ in 2012) I had already enrolled in a private university in West Jakarta too, majored in Accounting but the thing called “destiny” bring me to Russian Studies as I didn’t get a place Accounting major in University of Indonesia (it was like the most popular major which most of high-school students in Indonesia chose it) but I got a place in my second choice: Russian Studies and my mom said “Just take Russian Studies. Whatever the major, it’s University of Indonesia dont worry that you would be jobless after you’re graduated besides Accounting major is too common and its only in a private uni” ah FYI, my innocent readers, University of Indonesia is like a Harvard University in USA. Well, that’s what I thought since when I was studying I feel nothing so special and in fact I’m sure it’s worse than any private Uni in Jakarta with it’s system and facilities .

The question hasn’t answered yet? Hmm like “Why even I bothered to choose Russian Studies as my second choice of the Ivy League-test?” Because when I was in high school, I got this popular chat apps in my phone, I met some people from Kazakhstan and Russia and I was being amazed by the first time I saw Cyrillic. Russian Studies isn’t like the most favorite major like everyone else will take on their test-paper choice admit it, it’s kind of underdog major  so anyway I graduated from Russian Studies in University of Indonesia and you know what? I am super grateful for this God’s destiny. Can’t imagine if I study finance and get stuck with the numbers and money which not my own  and always live in front of the computer doing this thing called audit and being alone with my glasess? No offense, it will be hell way boring for me :p

3. “Why do you working in advertising agency? Why you specified in digital marketing?”

This…. I still need some times to answer ok? You could just searched my name, found my Linkedin and you will see that I am being ‘trapped’ somehow. Hmm… I’m deciding to not post it on my blog now. Ask me privately 😉

*Kisses from Pamulang with fasting-aroma mouth*


I need to rectify the “digital marketing” because I am into Social Media Marketing and it’s not really about marketing too, it’s more into Digital Public Relations and Branding. After meditated for like 100 years in Lubang Jepang yeah right  I found that I am not trapped. Can I say that this is my another destiny? Hahaha

Let see. I chatted via MiRC (oh if there’s anyone had an account to there lol) with random people since I am in 5th grade. I already had Friendster account since I dont know about in my second year in my Junior High. This account is active, I mean I maintained it not just like “I have Friendster account and lalala”. I was active in Prambors (Jakarta’s number one radio in that time, maybe until now) forum since I was in Senior High and made my Facebook account on my first year in Senior High. Facebook is much more popular by the time and I left Friendster now. I had Twitter account since 2008 but I locked it because I actually don’t like some random people found me in the internet and just being silent-reader of my daily tweets but since I am getting more in to this business I decided to make it open now for the sake of job’s demands.

And so, one of my alumni who works in digital advertising agency needed a freelancer to cover a live-report for a brand twitter account’s and I replied her email at first by chance. After a project, I am become her regular freelancer for live-tweeting and maintain an event on website then before I graduated, my current boss called me to work with him in my current office so here I am now; getting eager by day to have more knowledge of this business 🙂

I was getting interest to become a conventional-public relations but now I am proud to say that I am a high-tec Public Relations B-)


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