“good girl”

Actually, i feel soooooo damn tired. i was doing a kind of “elimination” of Russian poem competition in embassy of Russia today in Jakarta. omg, why those Russian are so stingy? I mean, our troops are just exhausted and thirsty, so why don’t them just let us sit down first and give us a cup of “aqua gelas” instead of told us to read the poems straightly? I dunno whether its their culture or whatever, but they’re in Indonesia maaann! why don’t they try to be as “polite” as an Indonesian’s standard? treat the guests nicely. Their acts definitely not such a good example to be followed.

And I was made a fool. The theme of the competition was World War II and i took Mayakovsky’s poem which have had made in 1914. You got that? yeah, I’ve read the word war I’s poem with so much passion and loud until my friends and my lecturer gave me a very good applause, even my lecturer told me to read an another poem, but then the ambassador’s wife told me that I read a “wrong” poem. And the result is: of course i don’t make it until the final. haha! don’t worry bout it, I’m ok with the result since i have a lot of things to done than try to rememberize the poem for the whole time I’ve got :p

Next, I was going to a mall with my “bi” friend. Why I mentioned the “bi” thing? Well I have another story to tell with about him later ;). i was going there since I have an interview for a job, but since there are soo many people there, I’m waiting until the last time so i made an “evening” lunch with him. We talk about many things, gossips, and our life-experiences. How campus’s life change us and (finally) made us a very new person and very different from a high school-freshman.

One another thing that made me think was when he told me about his “bi”-ness. He wants to have a family one day, with a woman as his wife, and got children too. But he told me that he wants a “kampong” girl. a girl from the village who doesn’t know anything about “the life in the city”. a “good girl” which means never know such things like LGBT’s cases, not smoking, never had sex, praying every time, never went home late, never know about night life-scenes, never watch porns, all she knows are just “dapur-kasur” things; in short, those Indonesian’s “good girl” stereotype because he doesn’t want that his wife will know about his “bi” backgrounds.

So here, i was thinking that what the good girl’s definition is? When i was in high school and don’t know yet how life could be indescribably-complicated-beautiful like now, i have same thoughts, same standards, same stereotypes with people out there. But now? When i heard him that he wants a good girl, one thing i thought is “a good girl=a stupid girl”. A girl who doesn’t know anything, a girl who can be fooled around by those cruel people out there, and we both know that world is being crueler everyday. So who will be the one who got suffers here? Of course, that “good girl”.

Sometimes I think that “good girl” was made by those hypocrites’ men as their justification to do their patriarchies rules. When men can do all things in society, ALL things including things that can’t be done for “good girl”, society said that “well it’s normal, HE is a MAN though”. But when girls done that things (I’ve mentioned), society said that “ooh, she is not a good girl”. So guys, WHAT DO YOU WANT EXACTLY?.

For me, there is no standard about the “good girl” thing. All adjectives are relatives, and all things to do are based on YOUR OWN CHOICES. It’s all about choices. And i think its related to definition’s of freedom. I remember one friend told us in my “sastra dan masyarakat rusia’s class”-freedom is a condition when people feeling free with or without rules. Even there are many strict rules been made for them, but if they feeling free about it, so I could be said that “they are free”-cmiiw. But how about in this “good girl” case? They got their freedom? No, in my opinion, they just don’t have the choices because the choices never had come to them.

Oh myy, I’m feeling lucky to be just the way i am now

So everybody, would you tell me what your “good girl” definition is? I’ll be glad to hear em

ps: buat the “bi”, gw ngga nyebut merk yaa! hihi.


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