Other cruel things in Jakarta- even you in the middle class!

Another story to tell tonite. i feel like I got a lot of now lol.
So here it is. I was in the same bus with the last bus I’ve took with my bf when he was here; kopaja 63 depok-blok m. and i wasn’t being surprised; i don’t have a place to sit anymore even I’ve waited it in the bus-station. so in the very tired mode on, i was standing for like 2hours from blok-m until depok in the packed-of-people bus. And the very unfortunately things come to me.

There was a mid 40’s man who standing behind of me. His pose is like wanted to hug me since he hold the bus-holder (pegangan buat tangan itu loh, gw kaga ngarti inggrisnya apeh :p) with his two arms, and the bus was very packed in that time. I realized that he was soo close on me, and the worse thing is come: I feel “something” strange on my thigh, and sometimes on my butt. All I was thinking there was “if I got a sexual-abuse now”. I mean, if he wasn’t trying to do bad thing, why he standing soo close to me until I feel his “strange thing” on me? in that time, I could just praying much so that I arrived soon but unfortunately not; the traffic jam is soo crazy in 5-9pm in Jakarta.

When I’m in the bus, I dunno how much random thoughts I’ve got there. I tried to mention you some of them which I remember now:

1. I can’t imagine if I must have a life like people here in the bus. Let say, I’ve graduated, got a job, but i must take this kind of bus which so packed with different kinds of humans, everyday! From 6am to 8pm. hey, life isn’t that wonderful for me; like the people who has rich parents with good connections so that they straightly got a good job in high position, big salary, and definitely got a comfortable car for go to their office; get real! I’m not that type of the person-unfortunately. All I’ve thought there: so how will I get a good life after my college time? I’m definitely can’t ask my parents anymore about the comfortable they give me now, and I feeling so grateful because I could be said as the “middle” one. But again, how’s the way so that wont had this people-in-the-bus life? I haven’t found the answer until now.

2. I will do anything, everything so that my children won’t feel what I’ve been feeling; in context-this inhumanly bus thing. I will working hard to earn much to get them a better life than me in all aspects-not only this bus thingy :p

3. I was being sooo grateful if I’m thinking about what I’ve got in my life. If it’s compared about “that” lucky people, of course I’m still far far away from them. But if it’s being compared to some “unlucky” people here, I’m the lucky one. All people know that if you want to being grateful, try to looking down, not always up. Damn true.

4. As always, if I’m being in this situation my entire think was “so how could I get my good life?” That question wont be gone until I know how lol.

Err unfortunately; I just remember these things when I’m typing rite now. Maybe I would back with another story to tell with. I say goodbye for now! xoxo


3 responses to “Other cruel things in Jakarta- even you in the middle class!

  1. Uhh a cruel guy behind u? :S
    U know what will happend with me after degree 😛
    Vienna havnt this kind of bus hihi. Maybe its close in the tram on rush-hour but else it wouldnt be 🙂
    *miss u*

  2. Olga…menurut g emang sih keterlaluan tuch cowo…tapi soal uhm…lo ngerasa kaya ppl in mid class, itu bagus jg…berarti banyak orang yg ngerasain hal yang ga nyaman…menurut g itu sih positifnya 🙂

  3. many things in jakarta are soo uncomfortable gika, not to mentioned the public transportations! hahaha
    kalo bokap gw aburizal bakrie mah, gw udeh pasti disedian mobil atu lengkap sama supirnya deh xD

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