open relationship

open relationship

im currently thinking about open relationship now, well to be honest im being affected by this movie titled “fling”. as usual, movies have big effect to me, like after i watched a good one, i am sure i could be always put myself in the movie’s characters like i have this another life in my mind. its fun! you can be anything and learn about life from the good part until the worse part like when you being the wild one. its all on your mind and i feel like i can feel and taste all characters without really being one. and one another thing, you can see the world through movies without moving your butt any inch from the sofa. it feels like i came to those places, feel it and have the life in it. in the end, i will have this warm-heart either im smiling through the way or just try to clear my tears out from my face 

ok, back to the topic; open relationship. so i was watching this movie and it talks about open relationship basically. about this woman and man who have this (open) relationship, they are living together and seems that they loving each other, until i found that her man let the woman sleeping with another man after their friend wedding, and this woman back to her room, with the man who has this relationship with her, and its quite complicated for me to watch. can i just write about what about ive got from this movie until i wrote this trash? you guys can find it’s synopsis from Mr. Google by typed ‘fling’.

So, at first what ive got was i don’t believe in commitments. people cant be just settled to one person and there is such no lasting love. as if, try to put yourself in a relationship than you know this person which better than your lover then you got more have an intense contact with this person and lalalaa put your own words here, que sera sera! i saw the characters here are having sex too much :p. and finally, this woman who has the open relationship getting pregnant. the conflicts began. in the end, this woman is runaway from her open-relationship-boyfriend and then 3 years later she invited her ex to her boutique opening. she looks happy with her partner and her child who have grown up, for sure.

open relationship as i saw for the first time is interesting. this mutual relationship about “i have fun, you have fun, all things are being opened and no hard feelings”. i was wondering where the jealousy gone when these two people keep saying “i love you” to each other when they are actually sleeping with the others. until one character here said (the man who was being this woman bf) “you are actually just being afraid to be alone” well, maybe she is. then i heard another character said “i love you, but im not in love with you” and honestly im still being confused about this statement :p

last but not least, this movie shows that open relationship will be not working. jealousy is just a nature. i even cant imagine how would it be if i had one; well i did put myself in this movie’s situation but yes i imagined that it wont worked out even for the first time it seems good.

conclusion: no open relationship! you can simply broke up with another one then have another one than do this mode or cheating, perhaps? fair enough. ngeh, im talking like a saint now.



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