Don’t consider my grammars please; I just want to “curhat”.

So I’ve just arrived home and my mom plus my sister came to the living room. They talking about Syahrini* who wore a dress with low cleavage in the night club and they saw her photos in infotainment. They said, “What kind of woman she is, she can’t keep herself. She doesn’t have good moral, she has big breasts and she pretended to show them to everyone” sort like that. Then what I’ve done? I don’t agree with them.

I said it is her right to wear any low cleavage dress every time she wants and actually she wears it in proper place; however it’s a nightclub. It would be different if she wore it in the middle of busy Jakarta’s road like Sudirman or else that she could make accidents with it (imagine how Kopaja’s drivers staring at her breasts; even without them staring her breasts, they have made many troubles already). My mom said it’s a disturbance for people who see her dressed like that, I said “so, don’t see”. Then she said again “I cant to not see that”. “well, she even didn’t make me (or other people) feeling itchy when she wears a dress with low cleavage, so why bother?” said me again. My mom start to criticize me that I wear clothes which (according to her) has low cleavage too. For me, I know what I wear, if I thought I was wrong at the first, of course I won’t wear it all day. It will has such cleavage if I bending over something, but hey! I don’t bend my body like all day, right?

Next thing she started grumpy that I have no good-rules in my life when I said “Suka-suka, asal ngga ganggu orang”**like she thinks I don’t have moral in my life. My sister also said that I have no rule in my life blahblahblah

All I know, if I wore bikinis to my workplace, I’m 100% sure that it will be a (huge) disturbance.

*An Indonesian female celebrity who has big breast (in my “curhat” context). She is famous right now, dunno exactly why, im not such an infotainments buff and I have no interest about these fake-celebs life.

** can be said “you can do what do you want to do, as long as it doesn’t harmed other people”


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