Here I come, Europe! Here I come, Germany!

I know that this kind of writes is usual and you could find millions of them in internet; about an Asian girl who stepped for the first time in the land of nowhere that all things seem to be very different for her. It’s always such interesting things. However, I don’t care. Today, in the 7th day I’m here, I want to write all my feelings.

It started when I’m on the plane, on my way to here. I sat beside a Bahrain, 40-ish man. He asked that it’s my first time to travel to Europe, and I said yes. I also said that I would go to Germany. He warned me that I might feel shock at the first time because everything is organized here and he was right. I shocked for just tiny things like rules. Tiny, but they are such big things for me. As for the example, things to do before you cross the street. You need to push this button on the traffic lamp and wait about the you-can-cross-the-street light (it’s green anyway) appeared, then you can go across the street. One else about crossing the street is about the zebra cross. In Indonesia, zebra cross is useless, but in here, zebra cross is everything! Haha! Not this ‘everything’, but when I crossing the street through zebra cross, the cars are waiting for me to crossed the street. It feels so “wow!” to me. Simple, but already made me excited.

Don’t be so happy first. These rules could be such pain in the ass. Rules are rules, like I couldn’t smoke in the apartment and it is, I couldn’t. I need to go out; going to the ground by stairs (no elevator) since my apartment is on the 3rd floor, smoke there and if I done it I could go back in the 3rd floor. Shock moment again! Because I could smoke everywhere I want in Indonesia, even in the public transportations (but I never done it. Would be so ‘alay’ to me). The toilet! Only dry-toilet exists here. It means no water to clean your ass after you’re shitting. I feel like a shit lol. For this, I broke the rules for clean my ass after shitting in the shower-place and got complained by my German partner. Hahaha! All I have to do is make the floor dry again, so it doesn’t be a problem now but, it will be always a problem when I pee or shitting in any other toilet. Duh!

That’s all! I will write my other point of views in other part. Next part is how the Indonesian’s life could be so different to German’s life. Tschüß!


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