Burqha Girls

Plane, one the way to frankfurt. 25 jun 11

Since I was heading to Germany using Qatar airlines, I was transit in Doha. Well, that isn’t matter now because now, I just want to random-ing about these Burqha Girls to be compared by Arabian girl who don’t use even veil; well its not valid of course. I saw these non-veiled Arabian women just in the Qatar’s stewardesse. Hey! This is my blog and I am writing, what’s the problem if I’m being random? :p

So, I was using like shuttle bus to go to Doha airport from the airplane. I saw quite many women with burqha and suddebly, I feel soo lucky that I’ve been borned as Indonesian woman. Heil Kartini! Haha. I’m a muslim and I’m considering myself isn’t too hardcore like these girls and I keep wondering, why they’re wearing burqha anyway? I kept looking on them (of course, quietly. Woohoo! I’m a kepo girl!) and one of these burqha girls really, really covered her face with this black-fabric which she using on her head. I was having “God, why they’re even close their face? MasyaAllah! ‘Segitu nistanya apa mukanya? Kayanya jijik banget ampe segala ditutup’-kurang pol kalo pake bhs. Inggris”

For I know, there is no rule in islam or quran (hadist perhaps, I don’t know. Since if you talking about religions, you might have your own rules based on religion you have) to make women MUST wearing burqha. Veil, there is-according to me because there is an ayat which told “Women should covered their aurat, which are from top to toe except face and hands” EXCEPT FACE!; even for me veil has it’s own goodness and badness.

Ok, enough randoming! I feel like ask them straightforward about this: “what’s the good in burqha?”



4 responses to “Burqha Girls

  1. I know that in Yemen, for example, for a lot of the women it’s tradition, some are forced to wear them because of their family and society, some are completely okay with it. Others just believe that that’s what they should do. But I agree with you. Orang pas lagi haji aja nggak boleh pake burqa kok, mukanya harus keliatan.

  2. I also asked myself why the face?! Its states so obviously that they can show it. But then when I went to Media and Mekka, I slightly understood this very sad reality, that men there, are…staring at women who dont cover their faces. Its really really unpleasant and something that makes me mad, as it seems, women get teached, cover this, cover that, dont do this dont do that, but men on the other hand dont consider the fact that they should not stare at women. ‘Lower the gaze’ for both parties. So its like a security from the stares of men, that the veil offers. Because men dont get correctly islamically educated enough, women have no other opinion as to cover fully. Its such a shame and a big problem. the hiding of the muslim women for the sake of selfbrought manly freedom.

    • nah, that’s for what i’ve thought too. me as a muslim by myself doesnt get the point of burqha when most westerns as they’re not muslim and most of them only judged islam from what they had seen in medias, stated that islam banned women’s right because of burqha. burqha, in my opinion is traditional instrument that had been build in middle-east area. maybe its because they’re region where desserts are common (and i’m asking myself why men dont wear it though to cover themselves from sand lol) but burqha for what i saw, nowadays burqha is a symbol of oppression to the women.

      • true it became something traditional. But one shouldnt ignore the fact that there are women and young girls in the west who like to wear it, yet again, because they dont want to be stared at by men. They want this empowerment and the right to choose to show their face or not. So then again its something thats their opinion and choice.

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