Parental Advisory

29 August 2011, flight to Jakarta.

So, I was just watching this German movie, Kowaan (with “a” umlaut) and as usual I’ve got a random thought again. As you might know, I was getting back from Germany and I was living there for 2 months and somehow I feel that I’m already being a German indirectly. I miss sparkling water, I miss bread and the heavenly-tasted butter, and I miss you. Ah ok, too much informations :p

Let’s talk about the movie. I don’t wanna talk about the plot story or whatever, but I just found a really big differences how Indonesians and Germans raise their children. This thought might be a bit too personal, but I do really love these open-minded German parents. Not to mentioned that they show their love explicitly to their children. I was crying when I saw the daddy said “Ich liebe dich! Kuss kuss” to his little daughter in the phone. For me as Indonesian girl, it is definitely too “unyu” (lovely) and sounds a bit cheesy but deep inside my heart, I love it! I want it! There’s nothing wrong with showing love explicitly, for me.

Talking about the difference of relationship between the parents and the children in Germany and Indonesia, I personally prefer the German way than Indonesia. As an Indonesian woman who have been raised in Indonesia with Indonesian parents, I have too many secrets, between me and them. Well, not the parents fault, because they might been raised for the same ways (or might even worse) than me. I found that in Indonesia, we have too many useless rules, which they’re only rules that had been made by the parents for the children, but in the end, the children are way too smart; they tried to be seem as ‘good’ children to their parents while they do or done what their parents forbid, in the back of their parents as long as they seem innocent to the children. Let say like, smoking, having relationship or even had sex and the worse, get pregnant for the women.

In Germany, I saw (too) much openness. For what I saw and learned, the parents are exactly know what their children do and done, in their whole aspects of life. I saw, that for me, its too cool to be true when a boy has a girlfriend, and they’re gathering together in the boy’s house, having some talks, some sips of wine and smoking together. I’m talking about 20’s years old boy & girl (I’m using boy and girl because of the “children” context). Why I said its way too cool? Because its almost impossible in Indonesia, where people are mostly muslims. Muslims can’t be that ‘cool’, supposed to be.

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