Intellectual Sluts

I just heard the story from my own close friend. It begun since she is being a student in master degree while she still being assistant for her lecturer. She offered by someone to do his/her thesis. At the moment, she said not. Her idealist was still strong, until she told to me, she finally did it because however, reality pushed her to do it. She become a thesis-maker for anyone’s thesis. Don’t be hypocrite, everyone needs money. As an “actual worker”, she doesn’t get enough to fulfilled her life.

Lately, she just done a ‘project’; done a thesis for government’s officer (in Indonesia especially in governmental institutions, the higher degree you get, the higher position you’ll get). As she done it, she got 5 millions Rupiah for it (approximately 550 USD) and it doesn’t included “credits amount” which she got like 500.000 Rupiah (55 USD) per week. She also could ask for more if she said to the “thesis-maker” that she would going somewhere to do a research for the “thesis-maker”‘s thesis. As she got 2 millions for accommodation to go to somewhere to do a research, which she actually didn’t do.

Enough about it, let’s calculate. She approximately got 9 millions Rupiah (950 USD) for one thesis she done. she just done it in everywhere, I mean compared by usual employers that needs to go to office and stuck in there whole time. She might done 2 thesis in one month that she could get twice from 950 USD per month. Compared by usual middle-employers who just get about 550 USD per month. She got four times more.

Its become a dilemma for herself also. She actually doesn’t want to do it, but as I said before life pushes her. Well, I don’t want to judge anyone but I just give it a think, how if all (or most) government’s officers, sitting in the parliament, ruling the country while they have nothing in their brain? They actually don’t have any idea on what’s going, how to handle it, and in reality here, they’re just spending people’s money from the tax for their own pleasures, and they give nothing to the people, to Indonesians? Besides they infringed thesis’s rules about originality, they’re useless for the people if they’re actually idiots. For me, the intellectual sluts existed because market’s demand. Just wondering, if there is no demand, I’m sure there is no people who must work as intellectual sluts.

Its sad, so sad.

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