21st Century Job

I just wanna share my very first experience to getting paid for tweeting. So, i was assigned for this job which i got from my alumni. I didnt think that this job for tweeting as a hard-work but for what i have faced, tweeting for work is not that easy. You need to make a good sentence in 140 characters which best for represented the brand you promote for, the twitter-readers must catch what you meaned, plus you need to make the brand’s twitter followers more and more as you could get. This 21st Century promotions’s strategy using social media is just awesome, I mean you will never see such works like five years ago, and I just done it for yesterday. In fact, I enjoyed it very much! With the basics I have as the head of public relations and promotions in my radio campus, it seems very tantalizing because when I was in my radio campus, i just thinking about making promotions in conventional ways. From now on, I need to learn how to use sentence in the best way. I am already assigned for another project this weekend, but I still need to pass the test this Monday; whether I (my words for this brand’s twitter) could fit as the brand’s image. Hope that I could get the job; I’m in love with this! 

I am already think to get a tab. I was borrowing my colleague’s iPad last time, and it’s just really convenience to use for tweeting rather than use blackberry. Well, if this job will be my regular one, I will consider buying one. Now, I get the meaning why people using tabs. I thought its just for lifestyle-slaves that you could being considered by people that you are rich and cool, but some people are really need to have one for their job as I saw my colleague’s iPad, she takes care for about 4-5 twitter’s brands in one time and if she uses just blackberry for it I bet she will get a bad headache because of it.
Done for my sharing. See you in my next post! 🙂


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