Double Burdens for Women

I recently heard and watched Katon Bagaskara’s video clip, Negeri di Awan and I randomly thought about this. You guys need to check it by yourself if you interested to know whats the point of my random thought.

Di bayang wajahmu
Kutemukan kasih dan hidup
Yang lama lelah aku cari
Di masa lalu
Kau datang padaku
Kau tawarkan hati nan lugu
Selalu mencoba mengerti
Hasrat dalam diri

Kau mainkan untukku
Sebuah lagu tentang neg’ri di awan
Di mana kedamaian menjadi istananya
Dan kini tengah kau bawa
Aku menuju kesana

Ternyata hatimu
Penuh dengan bahasa kasih
Yang terungkapkan dengan pasti
Dalam suka dan sedih

For the whole things, the lyrics are beautiful! But this one part “Kau tawarkan hati nan lugu” (in english: you (according to the woman) offered an innocent heart) and the image of “good woman” in the video clip, i would like to criticize. If its enough saying for my point of view, I’ve got the the best type of woman to be; let say a wife, should be innocent, not so educated, soft-hearted, tender, and other types which in my point of view, not relevant in these modern days. Perhaps, that type of women could be found in villages in Indonesia where their still having this kind of simple life and the problems are not as complex as society has in big city, where everything seems in contradiction.

Why I’ve said “double burdens”? I am personally thinking that it would be quite hard for women (in big city) who have a hard life to play two roles as these innocent-tender-caring women and as career women or maybe the women who have other things to do for their existences. In this video clip, I saw the point where men just seeking what’s good in women for their sake of amenities while in the real life when a man and a woman who living together should working out for both of their amenities, not just about the man-sides. It’s like imagining a conventional life of partnership when women treat their husbands after work while the men really don’t care about what’s going on home, as they know that they working hard to earn money for the family. For me, real partnerships are supposed to be for both sides and innocent women wouldn’t make it in the real life.

Enough writing. It’s totally a random thought and let say that I influenced much of Allison Jaggar-Marxist feminism theories for my thesis. I simply couldn’t stop being random, hilfe! -_____-“

Bis Spater!


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