Jakarta’s Undercover Jobs

So, I recently met with some people outside my ‘area’ (this education-institutional thing) because of my freelance jobs. Bunch of Sales Promotion Girls with their own stories until I heard something that interest me: Golf Caddies, Karaoke ‘Public Relations’, until legalized-by-religion mistress. Which one I should tell you first? All interesting and I don’t have enough patience right now when I’m typing this to finish the story! Lol

Ok, starting from the Golf Caddies then. Some of you might know what exactly their job desc is. Yes, accompany those (usually) executive men playing golf, stand by their side and might provide anything they want. These caddies usually look attractive. Next thing you’ll know is, some of these married executive men, still have their wives, have a (or more) famil(ies)y; have an affair with these caddies. These 18-25 y.o. caddies married these much older men, and the men usually provided them almost anything financially. Just mention: car, apartment, and monthly expenses whatever it costs. I was seeing the caddies in one of my work field and one friend tell me that they’re Golf Caddies, they’ve got their own car, and live in top apartment in Jakarta. Just wondering, how a girl that young, same age as me still doing this kind of freelance job while they seem having things like the children of top businessmen, top executives, or top corrupt politicians. Well, next thing I found was they’re probably the top-of-the-top’s third or fourth wives. The caddies themselves got a high salary, about 1100 USD per month but it comes with high risks as before they’re accepted to be a caddy, they will asked for “are you ‘all in’?” it means, you ready to be asked by your guests to do whatever they want as if I could say, covert prostitution. If they’re agreed, they accepted. If they’re not, they won’t be caddies for sure.

As same as Karaoke ‘Public Relations’, but this might look a bit more dirty than Golf Caddies. The women get into karaoke room with the guests (ehem..Executive men) and entertain them, as whatever the guests want, they will provide including anything related to sex. The agreement is, the more the ‘Public Relations’ could sell alcohols to them, the more they will get bonus from the company. They will also got tips for their own from the guests, and got quite big monthly-paid, about 800 USD.

How about legalized-by-religion mistress? Whatever their working-backgrounds are, or my work-colleague’s working-background, she personally has her own story about being a legal-mistress. She said she was being a third wife when she was 20 y.o. by someone in 40’s that has car showroom in Jakarta. He provided her with a unit of apartment when unfortunately, a month of married she get caught by the man’s friend dating with another younger man. She is a divorcee now, having 3 years old daughter, and got no apartment since her ex husband took it back again from her; however the certificate is written by his name so she doesn’t have any right to have it. She is single with a child now and living in her mom’s house and dating other (much) older man. Well, her choice.

Had heard those kind of stories just making me feel grateful for what I’ve been accepted all this time. I don’t know what happened to them, what thing they had been through until had choices like that, but as I said before, this kind of stories will make your eyes open for how lucky you are, if you’re understand my writings with messed up grammars and boring words lol. I’m grateful that this kind of choice never comes into my life. I realized I have much much better choices to do, not this one.


One response to “Jakarta’s Undercover Jobs

  1. Sometimes the lure of prostitution is very great and irresistible. Anyhow, I think that even decent marriage are actually a form of transaction albeit less vulgar than prostitution. A man is looking for sex, and a woman is looking for security.

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