So, I feel like to write about my road trip to the city which has the best atmosphere I’ve ever been in Indonesia: Yogyakarta. I am never been get bored to go there, the people, the foods, the city itself is the nicest that makes me feel comfortable to be there even though it is not my hometown. Why this time I would like to write my travel experience? Because this is the first travel I’ve had arranged by myself since usually I just follow my friends’ plans. We went on Friday 4th May and arrived back in Jakarta on Tuesday 8th 2012. So let’s get the story begin!

Me and one of my friend Icha was almost getting a heart attack since we took the bus to the trains station on 5 PM and arrived on the station on 8.45 PM while the train schedule is 9 PM, how it sounds? Traffic jam in Jakarta is the worst that we need more than 3 hours to reach the train station. Inaz, the one who have the responsibility to handle the tickets, failed because the person who promised us the tickets suddenly cancelled. She already tried to booked the tickets officially from Tuesday but they’re already sold out so we have this illegal agents called “Calo” to provide us the tickets. 8.50 PM and we don’t have tickets in our hands yet and we already look so cool with backpacks like real backpackers until a person came to us and sell three tickets to Yogyakarta Rp 120.000 each which normally, the price is only Rp 35.000 for economic class. In the end, we bought it and taraa! We are already in the train to Yogyakarta. Nothing’s happened much in the train except seeing people who sleep on the train’s floor or under the train’s chairs, hawkers come and go, people smoke in the train and economic train’s special culinary: Pecel! But too bad I didn’t see the original Bencong Tekewer-ewer economic train’s musician who has transgender appearance with hijab and full make up plus kebaya! It took 9 hours (or more) to go from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. On 7am, Saturday we arrived in Stasiun Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta .

Magic right? I don’t know whether we should call this man genius or not lol

Me and Inaz walk to Malioboro Street from the station while Icha prefer to take Becak since her bag is quite heavy and she doesn’t have a backpack. It wasn’t too far, until accidentally I found a shorter way to Malioboro via Sosrokusuman alley where our hotel located. It named Hotel Puri, right beside Malioboro Mall and it only costs us Rp 185.000 per night for a big room with Air Conditioner, bathroom inside and queen size bed and we love the location! We bought breakfast in Malioboro, rest a while and take a shower before we make a trip to Ullen Sentalu museum in Kaliurang.

We took TransJogja from Malioboro to Kentungan. After we arrived at Kentungan shelter, a woman randomly asked us to join with her with taxi probably because she saw our confused-innocent face since we don’t know exactly which public transport a.k.a. Angkot that can took us right to Ullen Sentalu. She said she will going to the same direction to the museum although she doesn’t want to go there. At first, we were afraid whether it will be save to just said yes to go with a random person even though she is a woman and seems nice but finally we did say yes. We are going to Kaliurang road, it’s like straight uphill to get there and she said that Ullen Sentalu located right on Kaliurang. We even don’t know her name at first lol. Until we did ask and we found that her name is Jenny. She warned us that we can’t leave Kaliurang too late because the Angkot is only available until 4 PM. When she already arrived in her destination, we continue our trip with bus and we just found that we will using an old small bus to get there which costs us much, Rp 9.000 per person, after all it is the one and only bus which provide transportation from Kentungan to Kaliurang. We were going from 10 AM from Malioboro and arrived in Ullen Sentalu around 12.30 PM.

Ullen Sentalu was nice! You can find much information by google the name, just too bad we can’t take picture in many locations there. After round the museum, we take some pictures in the Ullen Sentalu’s park and having some coffees in style in Beukenhoff Restaurant located in the museum. It was a nice restaurant (or café?), typical to Batavia Café in Kota, Jakarta’s old town. It’s quite pricy but well, it paid for the surroundings we have in Ullen Sentalu. We done in Ullen Sentalu on 2.45 PM and walk to catch our bus to back to Malioboro.

So sad that we can’t take picture in some best parts of the museum 😦

Drinks at Beukenhoff, Ullen Sentalu.

So, we walked and face the bus is just going in front of our head but we laid back its still 3 PM. We were waiting while taking some pictures until 4 PM and realized the bus is no longer coming. The fog is already coming down and we just wearing thin cotton shirts and it starts freezing. While Icha and Inaz busy taking their own self-portrait pictures, I’m started to think to use Ojek from Kaliurang but the Ojek drivers themselves don’t want to drive us because it is too far. Some people tell us to rent someone’s car in there, but again it’s too pricy. We have tried called taxis but Yogyakarta’s taxis aren’t so managed like in Jakarta and in the end they don’t want to pick us up. We called Mba Jenny, told her that we don’t have a bus to getting down and no taxi to get ride then she tried to get a travel car to pick us up in Kaliurang but it needs time. It’s finally already 5.30 PM, almost evening and I’m getting desperate finally I stopped a red-opened jeep and desperately asked the driver; no more shy feelings or afraid will he be evil to us, oh you guys know such issues! whether perhaps he wants to getting downhill to Malioboro and pick us up too and we will pay the gas for the jeep. Yeah I am a hitchhiker now :p. He seems surprised and he said yes! He agreed to pick us up but first he needs to change the jeep with the roof one because he said he just went from downhill and it was raining there. So, we went to the place he stays, a guest house. He works as the guardian of the guest house with his wife and son. We changed the jeep and he driving us to Malioboro. His name is Mas Yus. He said he is glad to help us and usually some people ask him too to use his jeep to drive around Kaliurang. He told us that it was too bad that we just went to Ullen Sentalu because there are many other places in Kaliurang worth to visit. In the way, Inaz and Icha innocently fell asleep and left me alone. I feel it’s a must to keep talk as I’m trying to be nice and friendly. He drove us until Maliboro, just right in front of Sosrokusuman alley. At first, he doesn’t want me to pay him for the gas he said that I’m already gave the money to him but in fact, not yet. I insisted to give because I promised it from the beginning. We gave the money and going to our hotel. If we just dont found him, we might ended up staying all night in head of the village’s house. What such experiences! We have new friends! Where else we can found nice-random people besides in Yogyakarta? Many thanks to Mba Jenny and Mas Yus 

We and Mas Yus, our savior! 😀

We arrived in hotel; make a bit touch up and ready to spend the Saturday night plus trying to get dinner. I want to go to Raminten, quite famous restaurant I heard around Malioboro. We took Taxi to there from Malioboro, it located in Kotabaru if I’m not mistaken. The taxi only cost us Rp 15.000. Seems Raminten is a hip place that we need to be on waiting list to be seated. Some descriptions about Raminten: it is a unique restaurant where the waitresses using traditional Javanese clothes where the women use Kemben and the men use nothing! Joking, but they’re shirtless with build-body hahaha. Well, we heard that most of them are gays but it’s not a problem for us for sure. The place has a traditional concept Javanese architecture with many colorful light-bulbs on. And the most fun part is: the way too affordable price of foods and drinks! Their tastes aren’t bad but Es Krim Goreng is my favorite and its only Rp 13.000. We spent less than Rp 100.000 for three and we went back to hotel with tummies as pregnant women. Awesome! So, that’s how we spent our first day in Yogyakarta. See you in the next day story 

Es Krim Bakar! With a nice taste ice cream and bread filled with banana under the ice.

Another uniqueness from Raminten, don’t stare on me, stare on the cups I holding :p

Train ticket to Yogyakarta : 120.000 per person
Hotel : 185.000 per night
TransJogja and bus to Ullen Sentalu : 15.000 one way
Coffee in Beukenhoff : 40.000 per glass
Raminten : 35.000 per person
Taxi to and from Raminten : 30.000

Calculation? Please make it by your own 😀


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