Back again for the part two of our Yogyakarta trip! As we planned to go to Yogyakarta, personally I just want to see Vesak Celebration in Borobudur Temple, Magelang. I want to see the part where 1.000 lanterns will be flown in the end of the ceremony. I saw it in a movie, and the moment when the lanterns are flown seems so magical and I want to see it with my own eyes. Vesak is Buddhist celebration, for details you guys could google if you want to.  In the morning, we had breakfast in Gudeg Bu Yu Djum first, the best Gudeg I’ve had tasted so far. It located in Malioboro street, not exactly on the street but it was a bit getting in from Malioboro, err I forgot where exactly is but as before, you can google it if you want to know. It costs me like Rp 16.000 per portion. After breakfast, we are heading to Borobudur on 10am just after we checked out from our hotel in Malioboro. We took TransJogja to Terminal Jombor where we will continue by another bus which provide transportation Yogyakarta-Borobudur. It costs Rp 10.000 usually but at the time we paid Rp 15.000. In TransJogja on the way to Jombor, we were with 2 Japanese tourists and another couple from Indonesia. I guessed because its really a peak season since its Vesak and everybody is like going to Borobudur to see the celebration and the bus provider take the moment to make the ticket price higher. After 1.5 hours, we arrived at Terminal Borobudur. We need to go to the hotel we reserved before we arrived in Yogyakarta, it located in Jalan Syailendra but it was too far to reach by walk so we used Becak. Its Becak with motorcycle so we, especially me don’t feel any worry to seat in there for three people because as we know Becak is usually driven by bicycle where the driver of the Becak needs to paddling the Becak manually and if it’s a ‘manual’ Becak, I don’t want to be seat in there with Inaz and Icha because I will feel poor to the Becak driver. It must be somewhat heavy! On the way to our hotel, I saw the Japanese tourists whom we met in TransJogja on othe Becak and then I said hi to them hahaha we met again. We made a deal with the Becak driver to pay Rp 20.000 to drive us to Borobudur after we put our stuffs in the hotel. So, then we arrived at Borobudur Temple!

Gudeg Yu Djum, the most delicious Gudeg I’ve ever tried!

Three of Us in Becak


We took some pictures in the parks and going to the temple. Take some pictures again and going to the Big Stage where there is the location for the Vesak Ceremony will be held. The Big Stage has a giant Buddha statue with some ornaments on it, including some candles, incenses and offering as I saw.  When we taking pictures, we met the two Japanese tourist we met in TransJogja, saying hi again and take pictures together! Hahaha! They’re also a nice, fun people when we took picture the man said “Yeah I’m taking pictures between beautiful girls” with bad English and then us laughing together. Actually, Vesak Ceremony starts from Mendut Temple with a kind of Carnival but we missed it because we didn’t know the info at first but as we had  missed it, me and Inaz took some of pictures in the Borobudur Temple from the afternoon. On 2 PM, hard rain comes ruined our activities there because we can do nothing but sitting in the tent. The tent is actually not for public, it was Walubi’s, a kind of Buddhist organization who becomes committees of the Vesak Ceremony. But since it’s raining hard, I and Inaz were running from the temple to anywhere that we can stay out from the rain. We heard some conversations about Buddhist and so on until Icha also went to this tent. We stayed there for like 5 hours because at the time it was still raining outside. In the mean time, we met and talked with some random people who later will be our mates. We met some Bhiksu, some foreigner girls who students from exchange program and we talked. We also met Mba Ninta and her French boyfie and she gave us some candles so that we can participate in Pradaksina, a Vesak ritual when people need to walk around Borobudur Temple in three times. It actually needed a special candle with a good-shaped but it was quite expensive; Rp 100.000 each. We really wanted to take part to fly the lanterns but when we heard the price for each lantern is Rp 100.000 all of us suddenly don’t want to take it. It’s pricy and in the end it will be burn so it’s umm useless, at least for me lol. We can still see and take pictures of the Lanterns ritual without paying. Me, Inaz, Icha had some talks with Mba Ninta and some TV crews also come to ‘our’ tent. They seem wanted to cover Vesak Ceremony. One of the presenters, Fauzi Baadila took a seat near of us and joined our conversations. He talked about the places he had been visited and was quite surprised to found that I and Inaz are Russian studies students because he had dealed his past with someone from Uzbekistan (spoiler!) and he had visited Tashkent. He is talkative and humble, not like the the other presenter a girl who just sitting and smoking alone. I met Tiko also, a friend whom I’ve been went to Yogyakarta with her in last two years. Fauzi and Tiko mocked each other lol quite funny to see them. We had conversations like old friends who just met and Mba Ninta initiated to take pictures together and Fauzi suddenly also catch by the lens and actually it was just for I, Icha, Inaz, Mba Ninta and her bf. So, we have other new mates!

With the Japanese mates

Borobudur in Vesak

Us with Fauzi, Mba Ninta, and her BF (which I forgot his name -.-)


The rain finally stopped, night comes and we finally going out from our cave to see the ceremony and take pictures again. We lighted the candles in front of Borobudur and waiting about Pradaksina since the Buddhists still doing their rituals in the Big Stage. We walked around Borobudur with the candles Mba Ninta gave but just two times because we aren’t Buddhists and it’s not a must to make it three times for us. In the middle of Pradaksina, Fauzi took Inaz arm and tried to interview her for the TV program but Inaz said no. Instead of she does the interview, she pulled my arm so I’m the one who had been interviewed by Fauzi and the other presenter because im the talkative one (and FYI, my friend reported to me that he saw us in the TV *facepalm*). While Pradaksina, we hypnotized by the back sound “Sanggam Saragam Gemchani” (well I don’t know exactly how to pronounce it I just wrote what I’ve heard) and we still remember clearly how it sounds until now. After Pradaksina, the Lanterns Ritual started.


I didn’t cry as I predicted before, when I see how 1.000 Lanterns flown in the ceremony; it was too crowded and it’s not well-organized at all. I was expecting that Lantern Ceremony will be quiet, calm, and well-organized but for the fact I faced, it’s too crowded and noisy and it feels like a market in a festival. I don’t get the feelings I felt when I saw this ceremony in the movie.  Besides that, it’s that worth to see how beautiful when almost 1.000 Lanterns reached the sky became some big stars which getting smaller and smaller by the time and ended being beautiful dots accompanying the stars in the Borobudur’s night sky. It was quite romantic (and too bad I don’t have my boyfriend beside me :p). 1.000 Lanterns mean, you fly it, and it will goes with your deepest hope going to the sky. I saw most of people with the Lanterns said their prays first before fly it. We adored the moments and took some pictures with the Lanterns as the back ground. That’s how we ended tonight.


Vesak Big Stage


Vesak Lanterns


Vesak Lanterns


In the way back to hotel when we are walking to exit gate of Borobudur Temple, we met the Indonesian couple whom we met in TransJogja on the way to Jombor. It was almost 12 AM and they said they don’t know how to go back to Malioboro because the bus is just until 9 PM. OMG I feel like “been there done that”. We was waiting about Mas Jokotingkir, the Becak driver who drove us from the first time we made an appointment that he would pick us up when we back from Borobudur and take us to the hotel back. A policeman offered us a ride to go back to the hotel we stay and he said “don’t worry, no charge! We the policemen are supposed to serve the people” OMG where I could find this kind of policeman in Jakarta where usually, all of them do is asking some money to the vehicles drivers which they thought break traffic rules; talking about illegal tips. But we already made appointment and Mas Jokotingkir already came. We told the policeman about the confused Indonesian couple problem because they don’t know where to stay or where to go or how to go back to Malioboro at the time (will be continued in day 3). Before we go to hotel, we bought dinner in a Warung Mas Jokotingkir driven to and then we went to the hotel. So, we had done the day 2. See you in day 3! 😉


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