Just a Slight about Ramadan in Jakarta.

Alhamdulillah, I still have a chance to spend Ramadan time in Jakarta, Indonesia this year. As I recently graduated from university and already being a capitalist-slave; a labor in one of multinational advertising agency in jakarta and working 24/7 (alright I will make another post about this lol), I feel more far from Ramadan excitements than when I was in school or at least in university when I always have time to break my fasting together with my family; to just ,at least ‘fighting’ with my brother and sister to have a piece of ‘bakwan’ or ‘gorengan’ , to waiting about adzan and keep pushing my tv remote to find an earlier adzan that I could drink the tempting fruit cocktails served on the table as soon as possible, and many more. I had been spent my whole Ramadan in Germany last year, and you know what? It sucks for god sake. I was doing it all alone, i did my sahur alone, i break my fasting alone, i never have my night prays (tarawih), and i done fasting for 17-18 hours a day while in Indonesia its just for 12-13 hours and the worse thing, is to have surroundings that dont do fasting even your loved one dont do it while in Indonesia, Jakarta exactly? Oh come on everybody knows that Indonesia is the country with the largest muslim population in the world.

The most best thing could happened is to break fasting with my family and me, my sister and my mom are going to mosque to do tarawih pray but the saddest thing is i just can do it in weekend because my works :’(.

Dont know what to say again. In short, the best Ramadan and Ied feelings only happened when I am in Indonesia. Ramadan in Indonesia is the best ever. I’m grateful that I still have a chance to have Ramadan time in here. Thinking to have Ramadan next year in Germany again is……well yeah, its like what it is lol.



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