Living in Contradiction; Between Reality and Ideal Concept of World

Here so, I’m officially being a freshgraduate from Russian Studies. As I’ve mentioned in my last post  about Ramadan, I’m already being a worker in advertising agency based in Jakarta. So far, I like  the job eventhough I feel like  a new-born baby again because this job is not about Russian at all and it’s not as simple as I’ve thought before.

But enough about my works. Let’s stick with the topic; Contradiction. I confessed that I’m this person who hard to move on. I’m the one who want to still living in my ideal-kind of world, the world I had lived when I was in the university where the discussions about making the better concept of world and society were really live. I’m a worker already and I was like having a really big bang in my head in this time.

If you followed my blog from the first, you must noticed that I have strong interest with feminism. The thing which made the contradiction was when I have a pitch-brief from a client for this whitening skin care-product. The main campaign is like: “Hey Women! Use this product, you’re skin will be more white and bright then men would fall in love with you (because your skin is whiter)” at the moment, I shouted bullshit really loud in my mind. I am strongly disagree about the campaign. Why? Let me explain my reasons.

First of all, this campaign is for Indonesian, specifically Indonesian women who born with yellowish-chocolate-darker skin tone. Whatever things these women do to have their skin brighter is useless. Our skin (mine too) is naturally tanned. So why bother our life to make such hard effort to have brighter-white skin?

Second, the campaign told the Indonesian women that if they have brighter-white skin skin they will get a significant admiration from the opposite sex-Men. Haaa! So the campaign makes the women become commodities for men that they need to make effort to be ‘loved’ by men because they have such brighter-white skin. The quality of Indonesian women that deserved love by men only counts by they’re concept of physical beauty as having brighter-white skin. Poor, huh?

Third, the worst: they using post-colonialism syndrome for the campaign. Indonesia has this long colonized history: 3.5 century had been colonized by Dutch, by white European people. It hasn’t count of English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese all have bright-white skin. In short, to have brighter-white skin means you’re become more powerful just like these colonialists, you accommodated yourself with them. You are better because you have brighter skin than anybody else, you’re special because you have a brighter white skin.

Those things I’ve been thought when the brief runs. I feel like I had a big-headache in that time to think I will handle the marketing program for that product. It’s like I’m lying to myself; I fully disagree but I’m getting paid for what I’ve done to make their sales grew. I was thinking about another campaign for this product in my head, anything but this poor campaign.

See, contradiction. If the company where I worked has campaign to be take care of, I can’t choose though. Else because my idealism, I will quit from the agency, being jobless and wont have money to fulfilled my daily needs and ended up by being hunger lol.

The cruelest thing in my mind was everyone who has more money as for runs this campaign rules the world, they successfully brainwashed women with medias and commercials to have this state of mind; get white , get adored. Capitalism is really a longer hand of patriarchy lol.

Reality sucks for a freshgraduate. Or maybe just for me?



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