The Pro’s & Con’s about being Freelancer and Corporate Employer: true story is true.

Lately I have this “kegalauan” and labilness about my career path after graduation. I had been usual for being freelancer since my 6th semester in university. While I having my study, I did some freelance works in the weekend or in the days when I don’t have any class to attend. For that, I have quite good earns; I bought my own needs as clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics things you could named it even I earned enough for my daily costs in Germany last year without asked any from my parents (and in fact I still have some savings too haha) besides I could afford the cafe-and-cinema lifestyle too. In that time, I feel ‘rich’.

Now, I have been graduated and directly become an employer and to be honest I still feel shock for the my new life-pattern; come to office from 9-6 from Monday to Friday, mostly overtime, sometimes with some works too in the weekend and for what I become a bit disappointed is I earned ‘too less’ for my former-freelance standard when in that time, I mustn’t struggle with Jakarta’s madness everyday and I earned the amount I got in a month for just in a week. If you know how much fresh graduate salary standard in Jakarta, well  you would know how much exactly the amount is 😛

Well, that was my story. For what happened in my life, let me share about the title I gave before.

Pro’s of Freelance

Flexibility. As long as your projects or works done perfectly no matter how, you can do it through home like some translations and social media managing. You even could do both works and still could do other freelance works like being an event-crew or Russian interpreter like I’ve done. As many works you do is as many money will comes to your bank-account. You don’t have to be afraid to getting too attached with so many people you met while you still could make relations to them.

Con’s of Freelance

No reccommendation letters and a not-fixed income as you don’t know whether any work would be available for you after you done a/some projects. As a freelancer, jobless period is usual for you. The most important factor for me: the experiences about your freelance works are countless if you want to apply master degree which required some experiences of (professional) works.

Freelance part is done! Let’s jump to another part.

Pro’s of Corporate Employer

You are shaped by what you’ve done for the company. You got that thing called work-ethics. You know and learn something in depth and the knowledge you learned is absolutely priceless. You can build a career path; you know, about you’re being a usual staff for first until you become a director in 10-20 years later, you will have the position. Your work experiences are counted (and it’s not just about for apply the master degree) and you learn about loyalty. First jobber salary sucks I know, but at least you will definitely get a payroll every month and as time goes by the amount won’t be that bad (I guessed lol).

Con’s of Corporate Employer

You’re working like a robot from Monday to Sunday; I am talking about the flexibility that you could get in freelancer. The first salary that definitely not enough since it’s only cover my daily costs; dude its Jakarta it’s like the most expensive city in Indonesia haha. But for what I learned from some talks, it will definitely get better by the time. As from my own experience, being a corporate employer means you give your full commitment for your works and you even don’t have time anymore to do another freelance works to add some value for your monthly income *sighs*.

Done for both. Let’s summarize! I think being freelancer is all about the money, well at least that’s what I feel for now. Of course it will be a different reason for a 30’s woman who already married and have two children; perhaps in that I would be a freelancer so that I could take care of my family better but I am sure I will be an expert freelancer in that age haha. Corporate Employer is about become a careerist. For myself and in my opinion, I think it’s better for being a corporate employer while I am still young, for god sake I am just 21 y.o. when I’m typing this. I still have this physical strengthens that capable to face all kinds of beban hidup lol. I am craving for experiences and new knowledge, well even I sometimes feel that my idealism is dead already, but I thought I need to move on. Idealism can’t buy me new clothes and a sip of good coffee lol but someday I hope I could do it 🙂

Well, who knows one day I would be a director of digital and social media campaign for UN Women and working in New York? Ok, in Bonn then else my bf would be mad on me lol, they’re still having UN Headquarter office right? Haha. Living on working in my idealism spreading the good thoughts and helping people while I earn enough for life sounds like a dream for me tho 🙂

Anybody has another opinion? Let’s share! In the end, which better being freelancer or corporate employer is based on personal choice and opinion 🙂


Always cheers for the life! Carpe Diem! 😀


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