Money and its Excellency

When I was in my hometown, I went to Bung Hatta’s house. A little bit information for you, Hatta is a big man for Indonesia. If he and Soekarno weren’t exist, probably we will still be under Japan’s colony. Coincidentally, Hatta was born in Bukittinggi so he’s a Minangnese as same as me. The house located near Pasa Bawah in the Bukittinggi’s city center.

I was looking around in the house where he was born and found that he was born in the well-known and rich family. His great grandpa (and I guessed his dad too) was someone in the government while this house was a big house with its own granaries and horse stables. After I asked the torist guide, I found that his family was and still being well-known as his daughter, Meutia Farida was a former minister in Indonesia in 90’s (cmiiw).

So (again), I have a random mind that I had been have since like years: well-educated rich successful family with stabil career or profession would be continues to its descents. As I had small talks with some of friends about a beautiful girl who have brain, smart, had studied overseas, had some great achievements and found that her parents are rich, we just said “ah yeah, lucky her that her parents are rich” that she already had an easy way to be as success as her parents like perhaps her parents have such networks and connections or they’re simply afford a good-expensive education overseas which made their children having more plus points than common people. Admit it, if the parents are successful mostly their children would be as successful as them. Like, if the parents we’re doctors, their children would be doctors too and have family in law doctors and their grandchildren would be doctors. As same as Hatta’s case, if his parents weren’t someone important in the government at its time Hatta won’t study at the school where the Dutch kids study and I am sure he won’t be able to study in university in Holland at that time; beside he was smart. Let’s get real, there probably only 1:1.000.000 of poor people who could get high education and finally success by themselves; as if not inherited from their parents.

Not intended for being materialistic, in fact materials in this case -money- counts whenever you’re still living in this (cruel) world. Sometimes I envy to those people who have such destiny as if born in such mentioned family since I was in university, I struggle to have ‘better life’ in my own concept when some people just having it from their own parents. Still, I feel grateful until I’m typing this and really conscious that everyone no matter his/her conditions are, having their own problems.

The fruit for thought is, ah let me make my random mind simpler: wouldn’t it be great if you have parents who afford a really great education for you and next you will just step by your own with the ‘capitals’ from your parents? 🙂

I just wish that I could be that “successful parents” someday and let my descents have a good flow of life so that they being someone and make the society better. Having good education is the first of all of life; at least for me. Being rich is just the good side effect tho.


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