Indonesia, Islam, Riots, Provocation, Education.

As an Indonesian, I feel ashamed with all demonstration, campaign and many aspects that bring up “Islam” as the face to judge other people who are not Muslims. All those things are making me sick.

I have many Muslim friends and they are great people and peace lover. Islam is not a destroyer, but why you people have to turn the Islam’s image into something hateful, destroying and don’t respect other people’s life. The world is not only yours.

As a Christian, I feel myself, that even in my own country we can not build our place to pray! We have to rent buildings just to gather together and pray. We have to move from one place to other place, because you destroy our places. Even to held a fellowship at home, you are still saying that it is too loud for you, while we are praising Jesus with songs and prays. Hey, do you realize your 5 times prays? You have to do it with loud speaker. If you think that we need to reduce our voices, how about yours? You call yourself a religious people. I believe the prophet Muhammad did not teach you to hate. To see the fact like this, it is you who change your prophet’s image as it is shown on the movie! It is really, an innocence of Muslims. I dedicated this to the people who call themselves as “a true Muslims”


This is my Senior’s Facebook status. I am muslim, and I also feel fed up by those idiots who ruin things in the name of God or worse for me, Islam.

Oh Indonesia, when will you provide free-proper education for all of your people so that they wont be blinded by religion and let them got provoked by someone or some groups who used religion to made riots so that their interests would be accomplished?

I feel sad, I just want peace 😦


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