Indonesian State Employees and The Things Called Corruption, Collusion, & Nepotism

I write this thing based on my personal stories and experiences. I didn’t mean to harm or offense any related parties and I also didn’t tend to generalized which for what I found, its already being general.

Hi Randomers! Yeah finally I found this call as if random-reader because you must be so random that you found yourself reading my random things in here lol. I just wanna talking about the state employees and what’s happened here until I got that title for this post. Since I’m already working at this multinational advertising agency and however I do –  still a fresh graduate, so one of the things I love the most is having conversations with my work-partners who almost seniors, like they’re mostly upper 25 years old. I learned much not only for what im doing for living to maintain social media things but also the working system and so on. One day, we had this conversation about state employees and how could it be sooo prosperous to be one.

I would take Mr. X’s story, a 30-sh (I guessed lol) just joined the team as an IT-man. He said he had been worked for Menkominfo (Kementerian Komunikasi & Informatika RI, Ministry of Communication & Information of Indonesia) in some time. The first time he would registered for its employer, a woman asked her for a sum of money so that he could go in, work in Menkominfo and he said “I am here looking for money, not to spending one” I mean, if you don’t have this thing called ‘connection’, you can’t be a state employer unless you paid certain amount of money (in that time he was asking to give about IDR 70.000.000 to get in) OR you’re a really damn good person AND have enough lucky to be one. In the end, he got in and worked in Menkominfo.

It’s just his story FYI and it’s a bit long. So he got into Menkominfo and for what he told me, everyday he just maintained servers in cold room and browsing random websites. If there’s anybody comes to add some servers, he just let him get in to the room and that someone usually gives him an envelope which filled about IDR 500.000. In some other times, he and the department’s team held trainings for state employers in other region such as Bangka Belitung. What training? Just to educate the state employers there how to operate computer and using internet. Most of them are seniors and computer-blind.  In the end of training, those employers gave them envelope which filled about IDR 500.000 and there are about 30-50 employers there. Why? Because these employers basically won’t learn and they want that their training reports seems good for their boss so that they could get bonus or promotion later. So, wanna count what Mr. X and his team got in one training session when daily, Mr. X actually doesn’t have anything to do except fixing servers which actually never been really broken?

PS: Mr. X told us that the Menkominfo’s Minister himself isn’t a high-tech person. He even couldn’t use blackberry haa!

Another story in Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum (Ministry of Public Works) I heard. Theyre handle all of Indonesia’s developments and constructions. They travel a lot and actually most things they had done is useless-meetings in luxurious hotels around Indonesia. I mean, I am sure in some ways they could do the meetings in simple ways that it won’t cost too much, but they prefer the hotels. For what I’ve been heard of, the office already has great-high tech meeting rooms but they’re still prefer hotels. And usually after meetings, the persons in meeting always gave ‘envelope’ again (usually from the third parties when they held any tender for project). IDR 500.000 again per meeting, and I am sure you’ll be prosperous enough if you have at least three meetings in a week and sum the envelopes for a month. Guessed what? The person I know who working there admit that mostly she really done anything. She lives happily that she has much times for her daily like comes to office everyday, 9-5 even though her paycheck only about IDR 2.500.000 per month; she has many ‘side jobs’.

Another story again? I found a girl, the daughter of one director of ministry of Agriculture living in very glam life which she spend every summer she had to go to Europe and get drunk in Ibiza when in daily times, she has this glam night-life too. I wondering how her daddy made so much money to have such life and actually he doesn’t make this country’s agriculture even better *sigh*

Oh I will spend the rest of my life if I want to tell you sort of things. The summary is, be an Indonesian State Employees if you don’t wanna work too hard, having many free times, and get good money easily as  long as you have connections to work in the governments.

Sorry for my bad words, but I do really have fucking nausea about the corruptions in this my lovely country and the worse me, myself can’t really make my country, the society, the people, be better. Still wondering how could these people living on misery of others if you take a look of this.

They even don’t have any proper toilet or bathroom. Once I saw a woman defecating right beside the railway and cover it with cartons 😥

It’s like I would cry to think about it every time I passed this area when I’m on the train on my way to work. The worse thing? I feel useless. Only have sympathy but actually really don’t know how to make bad things get better. Wondering when the things could be better while I don’t and perhaps never trust this thing called ‘government’. They’re just a bunch of rats licking each other’s ass so that they could get more things for their own interests.

Olga, 21 y.o. common people, dreaming about better world, better Indonesia.


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