Great Fashion Online Shop in Indonesia? (Im)Possible!

I remember when I was in Germany last year, I was arguing with my boyfriend about my shopping-behavior. He complained that I wasted too much time when I was going to these and those shops in shopping arcade at Frankfurt (Yes, I probably spent more than 4 hours in that time). I said, I thought it is usual thing for women (that having “shopping” as their hobby) to go to random shops, sight-seeing, trying 10 different clothes and ended by bought 2-3 clothes (or even none of them because I don’t feel that the clothes suit on my body) while he said it’s a definite waste of time. I still keep arguing that shopping is only my way out of hard reality in Jakarta (yes Randomers, I am talking about zillions of malls here :p). He said “why you don’t shop online?” and in that time, I answered him that I can’t found such reliable online shop to fulfilled my craves of shopping in Indonesia; I could be the victim of fraud and one important thing which made me avoided to shop online is because I can’t gamble whether the clothes are suit on me or not. I could just see awesome clothes and bought it online and I found that the clothes are not suit on my body and they are not refundable. It would be such waste of money, right? He nodded at that time and told me that I can learn to shop online when I live in Germany and he made a plan that he could build great online shop in Indonesia with me lol.

So, when I was in Germany I found this “Zalando” online shop with several of clothes and shoes. Well, as I watched in TV Werbung (ads) is famous as shoes-online shop. I also saw the process how my bf’s mom bought a pair of running shoes for him. The good thing is, the shop doesn’t ask for shipping costs and the great thing was, my bf could return the shoes and get his money back without any deduction because at that time, he isn’t satisfied for the shoes he got as we can see the quality isn’t so good and the most embarrassing thing that I can see that the shoes made in Indonesia, sigh and he simply returned it.

I was wondering, what if such online shop exists in Indonesia? It would be more fun! The news is, finally I found such shop available here! It’s called Zalora Indonesia. After some researches, I know that Zalora held under the same company of Zalando (Rocket Internet) and as I checked the website, Zalora and Zalando have similar looks well, it explains everything haha. So, I started to check on and did some random browsing until I finally interested to a shirt and I ordered. It’s so simple! With all facilities Zalora has, I as a buyer even could pay when my shirt comes (as called COD- Cash on Delivery) so that I would not worry if I don’t have certain bank accounts to transfer the money and I don’t need to be bothered to go to nearest ATM to transfer the money. Other great things Zalora has are as same as Zalando’s; free shipping cost (and it covered the whole Indonesia! Yes, I am talking about Indonesia including Papua, not only Jakarta) and I can change my shirt’s size if it doesn’t fit for me, for free. Oh I couldn’t be happier than this, to think I could waste my time in the middle of traffic jam in Jakarta to search some clothes I need and as my bf said, I don’t waste a time 😀

The bottom line is: Great Fashion Online Shop in Indonesia IS Possible! Well, even though I found Zalora’s things aren’t as many as Zalando, I am sure it will be better by the time since Zalora counted as a new player in here. The thought that I have German lifestyle in Indonesia makes me smile already hihi. Seems My boyfriend and I need other things to be build in Indonesia :p



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