Just a Food for Thought

“Selalu ada harga yang harus dibayar” – Mina Elfira

“Everything has its own price to pay” – Mina Elfira

The sentence worth to remember that came out from my former thesis adviser when I was in my uni and already became fresh graduate. First of all, let say CONGRATULATION to my 19th year old little sissy who just got married yesterday, 8th December 2012. As an older sister, I wish you a happy merry good for your life darling :*

And so, as the big(ger), old(er) sissy, I have this complicated feeling tho; like the really happy and sad and sentimental blended in one thinking about a young girl who already found the love of her life and got married and being together with her lover without boundaries and I need to confessed that I envy her quite a lot, not a bad envy but it’s more like “oh my I want that thing too!” and its nothing to do with the big-fat wedding though I want that someone gave me the wedding-gifts like my sissy has hihi and for the statement, I envy her togetherness with her husband since I live here alone 🙂

But humans, we all always have some things to be envied for. I am the young, single (as unmarried) woman with a long way to go. I am already had my degree and now I am pursuing career in the thing I love. I am free to go anywhere and I am here standing with my own feet. In a point, probably we will have the things to be envy for; my lil sissy is happy with her stable life living in love with her hubby and take care her family maybe already with a child while I am already a manager with quite sum of my own money and pursuing another degree in Europe. Both must enjoying life, but in different way.

Some might think that my sissy loses her young-life, some might think that I am a workerholic careerist but f*ck of the “some”, we are happy in our own way. As I mentioned, we must have things to envy  in some points. Back to my thesis adviser sentence up there.

You know what, Randomers? Carpe diem, Hakuna Matata! 😀



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