Tips for HRD Professionals who Looking for Social Media Marketing Professionals in Jakarta, Indonesia

This writing it’s quite subjective as this is one of results I have after some chit-chat with two friends of mine who also working in a same field with me, Social Media. Everybody could has a same or different view, the choice is up to you! As the title is that long so that makes it clear enough.

We was talking about social media things and and shared our experiences how the hijacks-level for Social Media Marketing professionals is so high, especially in Jakarta, Indonesia. Social Media Professionals-world is that tiny so it has a big chance that people-to-people are actually knowing each other. We have our own experiences how some companies and HRD’s tracked us and offered us to work in their places. Not talking about not loyal, but as other people with any profession, we are just looking for some opportunities as well as new networking. Perhaps, I will just make some points.

First, the HRD should really decided in which level they need Social Media person; officer, specialist, strategist, manager, or head of social media. Me and my friends found some offers are not compatible with us which actually already stood on medium level. Logically, there is not possible to be officer while some of us are already being a coordinator, specialist or manager.

Second, please HRD, realized how much actually your company’s budget to hired The Social Media Professionals and made it up a line with the level of person you needed. Would be silly if you want a top qualified Social Media Professional-person in medium to high level to be hired in your place but you make a reason to make their level downgraded because you don’t have budget to followed with their salary-expectation. I have my own experience and some of friends’ experiences that they have been offered by a company with complicated process, third times interview and we followed it to just knowing opportunities and ended up by disappointment because the company clearly cannot fulfilled our expectation since it makes our position and our salary downgraded. Its not that “disappointment”, but its more like “damn! I’ve already wasted my time and my money to went to that company’s interview just to be bullied!”. Remember, the world of Social Media Professionals is that tiny and its absolutely unfavorable to your company to got a bad name in this field because people would tend to say “no” to your offers which makes your company bumped in to trouble to found great candidates.

Third, this must sound a lil bit egoistic but me and my Social Media Professionals mates are agreed that we cant be judged for how many years we are actually we worked in Social Media field to found that we are “senior enough”. Some of my mates had been dwell  with their ex-bosses that frankly don’t know about any single thing in Social Media. They don’t know about basic social media rules and they’re tend to know and applied things they think right and in the end, a friend needed to ‘clean the things up’ for it’s clients because what applied by their bosses are wrong. Other silly thing a company said would be “yeah, we have our own standard to hired a Social Media head/or manager based in how many years they have been worked in this field” and I am thinking the company expected us as senior as Mark Zuckerberg lol. Perhaps, they haven’t heard about “Friendster” and I am thinking the person in senior as their age lol level may do not know while I am already familiar with it since I was in Junior High (on 2002).

I guessed that’s all. I am thinking it’s a way too explicit to publish such writing but in the end I just want to ‘curhat’ 🙂

See you on my next post, Randomers 😉



One response to “Tips for HRD Professionals who Looking for Social Media Marketing Professionals in Jakarta, Indonesia

  1. Done that too..being interview by HRD that dont know anything about Social Media and how to implement it,especially when we talk about interaction in Social Media .. just like talking to a “student” but we have to respect them 😛

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