Beauty on A Budget*; Olga’s Pick

Inspired from Instagram (where people only posted fabulous and expensive things, some of them are cosmetics) and this blog, I want to show you Randomers, that mustn’t be expensive to be coquettish (Google translated from “centil”; I have no idea what’s the appropriate English slang for it, because cosmetics aren’t used to cover your ugly-ness. Every girl on earth is pretty!)
I guessed this is my first post which has too much efforts to make; I edited the pictures and it take one hour itself haha but it doesn’t matter since I think I wont post such thing again; I’m a random girl not a beauty blogger and I’m already put all of my beauty assets here. I use make-ups daily since I’m graduated and entered the working-world (like now). So anyhow, I will show you what I use daily. Geez I don’t feel like me when I’m writing about this -____-“

The Beauty Assets

The Beauty Assets

I want to start with the face powder I use; PAC Two Way Cake 03 Caramel. I use this daily. Apply it with brush after I used moisturizer and it covers my face-skin with good-enough result. I don’t have foundation; I don’t wanna spend so much to the thing I use rarely so for special occasion, I use it with wet-puff for substitute of foundation and cover it again with powder brush. It costs me less than Rp 150K. You can buy it here. I have I love… cosmetic. Got the blueberry lip balm when I was in Germany, still not done until now.
I also own this Armando Caruso Set Brush; not for professional use. I am already happy that I could apply my eyeshadow and blush-on properly with this Set Brush. Cost? Less than Rp 100K!

Armando Caruso Brush Set

Armando Caruso Brush Set

Next, The Lipsticks. I own four Lipsticks.

The Lipsticks

The Lipsticks

1. Maybelline Pink Lipstick: Not so recommended. Cost? Less than Rp 50K. Buy it here
2. Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 Duo Lip Function Bena: Love the color from the first! Looks so natural on my lips. It has the Lipgloss under. Cost? Rp 55,7K. You can get it here.
3. Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 Lipstick Bena: It was a mistake that I bought this Lipstick because I thought the color would be as same as the Duo one (I bought it online) but however, it’s not so bad. It has glossy effect. At least I own a very-pink Lipstick to wear on special occasion. Cost? Rp 33.6K. Get it here.
4. Wardah Matte Lipstick No. 14: BEST BUY! Just jumped to Drugstore, try this and it has wonderful result and long lasting! Googled for the reviews, most of them are positive. Cost? Less than Rp 30K!

Next, I will show you the Eyeshadows. At the first, I supposed to not own this-much but I tempted to buy more by the times and since I work on this fashion-online company, I managed to buy more duh so here are them.


The Eyeshadows

1. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Comfort Zone: Tempted to buy because finally this brand comes to Indonesia! I know this brand when I saw it in Germany last two years.  Good for daily use with such colors and if you want to look more glam, just apply all of them. I actually don’t really know exactly how to put all of these lol. The colors are good for experiment. Price? Rp 149K. You can only get it here
2. Sariayu Trend Rimba Sumatra: Just another Eyeshadows. Most of Sariayu’s cosmetics are good; I like the eyeshadows because the colors showed up on my eyelids perfectly. Cost? I guessed less than Rp 50K.
3. Wardah Eyeshadow: Not recommended at all. Too powdery and the colors don’t really showed up. Cost? Less than Rp 40K.

Now I feel tired already hah! But gotta finished this before I am too lazy don’t have enough time to continue the writes. So, here we go with another part of the eyes!

Another Eyes Kit!

Another Eyes Kit!

1. Oriflame Copper Cream Eyeshadow: The only good thing I got from Oriflame. Lasting-used. Cost? Less than 100K.
2. Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara: The best Mascara on A Budget I guessed. In my opinion, all variants of Maybelline Mascara have same result (I’ve tried my friends’ also) so, it’s no used to buy the more-expensive variants, eh? :p Cost? Around Rp 60K and you can get it here.
3. Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit Ash Brown: Best thing on my eyebrows! I was using Eyebrow pencil only and I found this and I’m happy lol! Worth to buy kit; good result and the cheapest on its class, at the first I want to buy The Body Shop’s but I think it’s a bit over-priced. The brush itself is comfortable to use so you mustn’t buy another brush anymore. Cost? Rp 89K. Get it here.
4. Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara: I want to try another Mascara besides Maybelline but still on a budget :p So I decided to buy this one after read some good reviews. It’s available in ZALORA Indonesia in package. I buy via this.
5. Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo: Looks good after you applied this after Eyeshadows but will looks horrible after you wash your face, it’s not waterproof. Cost? Around Rp 80K.
6. NYX White Eyebrow Pencil: Bought this in Germany and never really use it. I use it for eyeliner to make my eyes look more dramatic (but whether I don’t know how to use or what, my eyes look smaller :p) Cost? 6 Euro. You can get it on nearest department store in Indonesia.
7. Etude Eyebrow Pencil: Just so so. My sister bought it so I don’t really know how much it costs.
8. Pixy Black Eyeliner Pencil: The best black eyeliner on a budget. Where to buy? Nearest Cosmetic Shop in Traditional Market. Cost me around Rp 20K!

Finally, THE LAST! The make-up palette, blush on, and shimmer!



1. Sariayu Beauty Kit Trend 2010: You can see by yourself; it has all from face powder, blush on, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. Most of the time I only use the blush-on while still trying to experiment with the eyeshadows. Cost? Rp 120.8K. Buy it here. Sariayu make-up products never fail me for the budget cosmetics!
2. Wardah Blush On: Just another blush-on. I only wear brownish colors. Good enough since it costs only around Rp 30K. You can get it in nearest Guardian.
3. Wet n Wild Mega Shimmer: Never really use this except I want to have another bellydance show lol. Bought it in Germany, cost around 5-6 Euro.

Finally I am done muhahah! I spend my two hours only for this. Why I wrote? Because fashion magazines only highlights branded and expensive make-ups which I cannot afford yet so I can’t own and use, right? :p. So, for you Randomers, who are first-jobbers and need daily make-ups I could suggested mine. Happy experimenting! 🙂

Olga “Telat Centil” Florentyna


8 responses to “Beauty on A Budget*; Olga’s Pick

  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog on your post. Really appreciate it! It’s really important especially for young women to know that you can look good but still wise on spending our budget 😉

  2. Wow… Never thought that you own this much. Even myself only have a foundation, a powder, an eyeliner, a mascara, an eyeshadow pallete, a lipbalm, a lipstick, a lip care, a lip gloss, an eyebrow pencil, and a blush on. Lu lebih centil depade gua.

  3. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you really recognize what you are speaking approximately!
    Bookmarked. Kindly also seek advice from my website =).
    We will have a link trade arrangement between us

  4. Kawan saya email salinan artikel nie pada saya…
    katanya idea2 dalam blog awak memang menarik…
    saya dah bookmark .. terima kasih dan kalau boleh nak mintak
    izin share kat fb…

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