Rendezvous of Dejavu

There’s a woman sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop alone. She looks a bit sophisticated and superficial wearing her 10cms black pumps and pencil skirt. She looks busy with her tablet and sometimes she is checking her iPhone too while sipping her big cup of capucinno. There’s a big shopping bag near her from one of her favorite brand, for what I know, she finally got her real long coat that she had been wanted since college. Haha like she really has any idea where to wear such coat in Jakarta.

She smiles alone remembering her last time she sips that capucinno two years ago for filled long questionnaires as the price. With real ‘struggles’ she went to some coffee shops after classes she had in university and had been trapped in traffic jam for hours sitting in hot-steamy Kopaja for a few added pocket money and somehow she still couldn’t believe that she becomes her ideal image four years ago in the time for her life. Although her life is not yet that perfect (think no one has one!) And she still has billions of wishes thathave not been granted yet


ahead , she feels grateful for the moments given and actually she is ready to catch another bigger dream 🙂


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