Life after Indonesia


The Sacred Ticket

Today is exactly two year I live in Germany! I could not believe that myself! lebay But seriously I could not believe myself that for only two years, I have changed into other human being. I still remember how I asked my ex boss to go one hour earlier from the office twice in a week to have A1 german course in Goethe Institut Jakarta (yeah he let me to took the course!), fought so hard in the whole year before I left; I am talking about to take two jobs in a same time, hard core money savings (as simple as giving up Air Conditioner facility for my kost-apartment in the centre of Jakarta so that I could pay my german course), late night sleeps, TOEFL preparation and almost no time for my family since I was also working on side projects during the weekends in order to have enough start capital to finance my master study. All the struggles are worth.

I finally arrived at 8 March 2014 where my familiy got panic attack, as they thought my flight was the missing malaysia airlines. But no, I’ve arrived safe and sound in Germany otherwise I could not make this post yaelah. The first month I was struggling with 0 degree – weather and frustrating on german language. Not to mentioned that I did not really mentally prepared on the transformation from employee to full time student again (I did not expect that it was super hard!), no more great feeling comes to you every end of the month when you check your bank account and what’s left only the numbers are decreasing since you’re just relying on your savings. At that moment, I could not working yet becauseΒ  language course student does not have working permit in Germany.

The time went by, I received confirmation that I got accepted in an MBA program. I enjoyed my time a lot being a student and three months after big effort of looking part time job (It is no secret that to get a job here takes more time than people expected) and I was ready to gave up, thinking about those job offers from Indonesia I got from LinkedIn, I got a student job in Cologne. That time of my life had begun; buku, pesta, cinta came again to me in different forms compares to my time in bachelor degree. I embrace the diversities offered in front of me and started to made some friends here. I really enjoyed my time in Germany :))

Suddenly an unpredicted opportunity came to me. I got a chance to have an internship inΒ  the headquarter of a DAX company. I never imagined that I actually could ‘conquered’ german labor market, to be able to compete with millions of qualified people around the world and who am I just sempritan ingus :)). Although the ending is not as sweet as the beginning. I could not even start because of permit issue. I was just focusing on my master thesis and keep fighting to have other opportunity here and you know what, I made it again! I am staying here and will working together with inspiring people, man I have marvelous excitements I’ll make my “xD” giggle ever on my Snapchat xD xD xD toi toi toi this is the sweetest 25th birthday gift which universe gave to me in advance!

That’s my short story of being in Germany in two years. I never imagined that ich so vielen Sachen geschafft habe, so many things, so many valuable life experiences that I could attained for just two years (man I speak german more fluent than russian even though I learned for four years in my bachelor degree duh), that transition from Jakarta city girl to I-need-to-do-the-cores, keeping my apartment clean and being really good in the kitchen (you guys really need to check my Instagram lol). One of the best decision that I made in my life.

I encourage you to keep pursuing your further study abroad if you already have plan to do it. I honestly thought that studying abroad was just a dream for my in five years ago but it does come true if you put Plan Do Check Act cycle to your actions and keep going. On my journey many people said – even your closest ones – “it’s impossible” to me; it’s impossible for them, not for you. Anything is possible if you’re hungry enough – I quoted it from Instagram. I have too many favorite quotes, one of my fave is:

Life is not as hard as some make it. It’s only hard when you bullshit yourself. You don’t need all the answers. You just need a great fucking attitude about what you want and deserve. If you don’t feel you deserve it, then do the work until you do.

My entire journey to be a CEO and prominent investor and venture capitalist and owner of Florentyna Foundation yeass! is still long way to go. I would not write and publish every single detail in my life but anyway, you can always follow me on my Instagram.

Meanwhile, enjoy Rihanna tells you to Work Work Work. Sei fleißig!


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