Summer 2016 in Germany #1

I should have done with writing my summer travel in Paris but na ja, was solls. I am giving my love to Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW) – the region where I live, in Bonn. As a student, I do not have bunch of money to enjoy  the summer in Italy or laying on white sandy, beach in Monaco. Being so, I am just staying here, enjoying the nature around my region by using my semester ticket; where I have possibility to travel without paying costly train tickets around NRW. I love to travel because I am always eager to discover new places, to feel the excitements, to be neugierig (curious) – gierig (being greedy) of something new.

I ride bicycle since my junior high – time and I stop riding it as I’m getting older. Now I’m having the chance to get back to it, I always love riding my bike whenever it’s good weather outside. This week, I have an accompany named Tika so that we could take beautiful pictures on each other. She is quite my travel partner since last year (We went to Münster together!) because everybody is being so busy duh and she lives in Bonn, has semester ticket and she also loves to discover new places just like me! So, we drive to Euskirchen and ride our bikes to Brühl following the Erft-Radweg – Erft bike route along Erft river.  We’ve tried to find the Radweg from Euskirchen but we got lost there, stuck in the city center and ended up shopping :p


First #selfie in Euskirchen before we get Sonnenbrand (sunburn)

Long story short, we finally made it to the Erft-Radweg! Tika had some footages to be published on her YouTube Vlog (you could follow her channel here!). I personally didn’t take thousands of pictures but I have some to bragged about show.


Somewhere along the track.

2016-07-29 14.39.46

Could you see the sign? It’s really helpful!

2016-07-29 14.38.07

Oh that’s me; again – savoring my home-made sandwich in summer vibes x)

You don’t need to be afraid on getting lost here since the bicycle-route signs are everywhere in Germany (well, at least arond my region). What I found really helpful is, you could download the bicycle routes and maps in NRW where you could plan and search your own arrival city, destination and even you could search a route to avoid climbs. It’s called NRW Radplanner – you could find more details here. We ride our bikes through Erftstad where we crossed some beautiful lakes, sceneries and we’re having lunch – eating our discounted, sushi from supermarket with priceless view.


Sushi on discount, ah nope. We’re just being humble :p

Tika enjoys glimpse of life

Tika caught a glimpse of life

All the way we could not stop telling each other on how grateful we are being because we live in Germany. Riding our bikes are not possible in Jakarta, Indonesia without traveled a looong, expensive way across some islands to have chance to adore the nature. Indonesia doesn’t have a well-established, easy bike routes like in Germany anyway (please tell me if you know some!). In comparison, we spent only 2,65€ each on our tour here. Se just need to spend for cheap sushi and iced-coffee. After five hours biking and getting super tanned skin in the end, we finally arrived in Brühl! We visited the Schloß Augustusburg park that looks simply magnificent in summer.


And that’s the end of our more-than-35km-bike journey. After we saw a lot of people trying to catch Pokemon the park and explored Brühl city center, we went to the main station and catch our train back to Bonn. We had sore muscles and exhausted in the next day but we’re so happy that we’re able to did this. We agreed to repeat it and of course we’ll try new routes as well, before summer is over and before we lose our chance of ‘free-travel’ since we suppose to be finished with our degrees in next summer (I have mixed feelings on it :S)

How about you? Do you have any cheap yet luxury plan like mine for your summertime? I’d love to hear yours!


So Tika has uploaded her new vlog about this trip! Check out her video here!






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