Frau Ministerin


Manuela Schwesig

I couldn’t get this out from my mind, so I think this is the time to write it out. I know her as I watched Anne Will – a discussion show in one of german TV channel, and since then I admire her presence. Her name is Manuela Schwesig and she works as Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend – minister of family, seniors, women and youth in Germany. I googled her and found a wikipedia page about her. Despite her good looking (ny first impression!), having family with two kids and still working her way up as minister and I thought “wow she’s cool”.

So at this debate, there’s a woman complaining  that she won’t get enough pension in her retirement after worked as window cleaner in buildings for more than 20 years. Simple jobs get a brutto hourly wage from 8.5€ in Germany. Mrs. Schwesig answered (more or less) “The 8.5€ jobs are not actually for-forever jobs”. It was like “Dang!” Moment. I am fully agreed to her. The points are:

1. Simple jobs are totally ok, but not for forever until she reached retirement.

2. If she is not satisfied for the results she achieved as window cleaner, why she did not do something better for herself at first place?

3. I mean come on. Germany is the country of chances. She doesn’t need a rich family to finance her education even until doctoral degree. My point is – she always having the chance to make her qualification higher to get better job and to get higher earnings (not like in Indonesia and I could always understand why the children of Tukang Becak would most probably be Tukang Becak again). Semester fee costs only ca 250€ and as a German, she has access to Bafög (a state credit to finance education and she needs only to pay the half of the credit after she finished with her education)

4. While at the first, she could be window cleaner and a student – 15 years ago

I am foreigner, I don’t have access to Bafög and I did babysitter while I’m studying. All things were only the question of willingness. I am trying so hard to not judge but everytime I saw same people ask me for Kleingeld in Germany’s train stations, I cringe. Always. This is also one of the reasons why the world would be never an ideal place as I thought while I studied humanities.

Quoting Kobe Bryant: “I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you

My arguments are not completed yet because I still need to do history and reality checks – I’ll do once my home works done!


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