Halo! I am just a woman who graduated from Russian Studies major in University but recently I am in love with Digital Marketing world. I speak five languages; two of them not so fluent but I speak them though haha. I did bellydance when I was in college but during my busy things struggling with reality, I don’t have time to do it again regularly including no more stage shows huh. I am concerned in humanities and feminist issues. My life goal was world-peace when I was in college but since nowadays, it’s a better-world yeah, close :p Currently, I am being a Social Media Marketing-darling and planned to be a great Media Planner later. Even with Russian Studies background, I have this optimist feelings that I could conquer the Media world >:D. I really love to think (and analyze) randomly. That’s this account needs for 😉

PS: I make this blog in English for learning-purpose and I am realized this is far from perfect English. Though, I am personally sure if I write in English, I could share my thoughts with people from around the world; not only Indonesians. I am not a person with English mother-tongue and I couldn’t afford greatest and expensive English course at the moment. You found my English disturbing? Please, correct it. I love to have personal Grammar-Nazis ❤

Search by Olga Florentyna, you’ll know where to found me 😉

2 thoughts on “привет!

    1. всё в порядке, а вы?
      конечно знаю, я изучаю русский язык в университете))

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